Few had been pushing to boost its presence

Few years after the Jet-Etihad merger, the war for Indian skies
refuses to settle down. This is due to fact India is poised to be second
biggest aviation hub of future and the fastest growing aviation market in the
world (Exhibit 10 Indian
Aviation projection). As per new aviation FDI regulations by government, internal
airlines can invest up to 100% in air sector or take up to 49% state in domestic
airlines. The new proposal has generated new interest amongst international
airlines to redefine their strategic positioning within this market.

Etihad rivals are trying to up their game and other Asian airlines
like Singapore Airlines and British Airways are launching their new growth
strategies. Singapore made an alliance with Tata group, which saw new full-service
airline, Vistara in Indian skies. Vistara is soon set to fly international, which
would directly help boost traffic to and from Singapore hub.

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British Airways has started to
market itself as the perfect hub for transatlantic travel. Emirates had been
pushing to boost its presence in India and working with government to increase