Rape is a vile assault on aperson, but it is also an extreme example of rape culture. It begins with theassumption that some one’s body can be touched without consent, and it startswith subtle sexual harassment which is a gateway for perpetrators. Parents arereluctant to speak openly about such serious issues with their children, and sothese children grow up in an environment shrouded in silence, shame andincoherence.

Concerned parents need to encourage their children’s schools toteach students about stereotypes, sex education and to challenge gender rolesthat perpetuate male entitlement. Education plays an important in raisingawareness and must go beyond hashtags and Facebook reposts which are not enoughalone to bring justice to victims of rape crimes. Sex education at school hasalways been the center of strong criticism by the conservative society and hasbeen declared contradictory to our cultural and religious values. Ifconversations on this topic do not happen, how will our children differentiatebetween what is appropriate and is inappropriate? A national curriculum must bedevised which educated children about what is an appropriate touch, and what isnot. If they ever face sexual abuse, they should know what to do or who to goto. It is about time conversations on sexual abuse and harassment take place.