Who doesn’t love the bittersweet sensation that spreads through your tastebuds whenever you taste sugar? Sugar is in most foods that we eat, especially the sweeter tasting ones like chocolate, cookies, brownies, etc. Even in drinks such as, soda, juice, and coffee/tea. Consuming sugar isn’t technically what is bad for you, because your body needs sugar to survive. However, it starts to become unhealthy depending on how much of it you actually consume. If you are constantly eating too much sugar, it can lead to diabetes and other life threatening diseases that are not worth the sugar. It also can’t hurt to eat a little healthier, can it? Diabetes is a diseases that occurs when your body is consuming an unnecessary amount of sugar. Depending on what type of diabetes you have, will affect your lifestyle in a different way. Diabetes can affect your organs, blood vessels, and nerves of your body. It can basically affect any part of your body that it wants. According to ‘www.diabetes.co.uk’ “However, certain parts of our body are affected more than other parts. Diabetic complications will usually take a number of years of poorly controlled diabetes to develop.” This means that if you properly care for your body and continue with the right treatments, you won’t need to worry about the affects. Some very common side effects of diabetes are fatigue, dehydration, frequent urination, and blurred vision. There are four main types of diabetes called “Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, Prediabetes, and Gestational diabetes.” Type 1 diabetes is the more serious one of all four, that results in the pancreas producing little or no insulin. Insulin is a very important treatment for diabetes patients, that helps when their body is going through an “episode” or is acting up because of the side effects. It helps turn your blood sugar (glucose) into energy for your body to function throughout the day. However, with Type 1 diabetes, a doctor must prescribe you insulin to use for your body, when your pancreas isn’t producing enough. Without proper care, the “episodes” can turn out deadly since your body is going through a panicked state. Without insulin to help your body produce energy, your body will have nothing to run off of, and will start to shut itself down. For example, when you drive a car you are using up gas with every mile you drive. At some point, you are going to need to stop at a gas station and refill up the gas tank with fuel to continue driving. However, if you don’t stop or there is no gas station nearby to fix the problem, the car will soon shut down because it didn’t have anything to run off of, or power it. Another type of diabetes is Type 2 diabetes. In this situation there is an addition to not producing enough insulin, but your body could also resist insulin which could be a very dangerous factor. If your body can’t even receive the cure for the symptoms, that means that you will need to take various other medicines to replace what your body is missing. In conclusion, Diabetes is a disease that affects your entire body, and can turn out to be deadly if it isn’t treated properly. It can destroy people’s lives by constantly needing to require medical attention and having to monitor the sugar in everything that you eat. Medicines like insulin don’t help to treat diabetes, they only help to lessen the effects of the symptoms. This basically means that once you are diagnosed with diabetes, you are likely to live with it for the rest of your life. It all starts by not having control and consuming too much sugar, so is it really worth the risk?