Well-known American actor Danny Kaye once said that, “To
travel is to take a journey into yourself.” He believed that travelling was an
instigator of personal growth and development. Travel certainly means something
different to different people and ideally, there is no right or wrong answer.

According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of travel is: to make a
journey, typically of some length. Some may find this definition to be adequate
while others may find it to be too vague. To most, travelling would be a form of a getaway, to re-energize oneself
before you head back to the ‘real’ world. A chance to escape the harsh
realities of our fast-paced world.

To others, travelling
is just going somewhere, anywhere, whether familiar or new. Be it the
neighbouring town, a different country or another continent across the world.

Knowing about my chronic wanderlust, a friend of mine once
posed the question to me, “What does travelling mean to you?” I gave it some
thought and came up with a simple answer. Travelling to me is a form of gaining
experience and broadening my perspective. As Francis Bacon said, “Travel, in
the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.”

Travelling is about the experience, where I get to learn
about amazing facts and stories that I will not get in books. I am able to
immerse myself in different cultures, understand their way of life and
appreciate the diversity of the world.

Through travelling, I am able to keep an open mind to endless
possibilities and look at the world without a prism of stereotypes. Being able
to see the world from different angles also puts into perspective what truly
matters in life and the things that we take for granted. With every trip I have
taken, I have broadened my mind, gained more knowledge and learnt more about

This is what travelling means to me in a nutshell. What does
it mean to you?