Remember when if you were a black person you did not get to sit on a public bus with white people? Then centuries later you were given equal rights. There has always been the idea of racism in America and most people think that it is no longer a problem “in 2011 saw the largest proportion of people on record declare that racism is not a problem”(Lee 2017) but this is not the case. When people think of racism they usually think slavery, which is no longer a thing but racism is still very clear in America and will never go away. So what is racism? By definition, it is “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine culture or individual achievement usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.

”(2017) All Americans of all different races have the same rights and in today’s society it is only in our human nature to judge and make conclusions about one another and today racism is not only about blacks and whites it’s also about religious beliefs. Racism started with slavery and has gotten a little better since then. Slavery started in 1619 when people called slave runners brought over African Americans from Africa to work on the growth of their crops, slavery went through the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries where slaves were involved in improving the economy.

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The cotton gin was then invented in 1793 which helped the economy rise even higher and moved the production from crops to cotton and the need for more slave labor. Slaves had to go through many hard obstacles such as having a master where some owned large amounts of slaves who they depended on for everything. They were banned from doing anything school wise and how their behavior was and if you were a woman slave you were harassed by the master, if you obeyed the orders you got rewarded and could work in the house but if you didn’t obey them you were severely punished and had to work in the fields. In the 1800s the slaves decided to rebel which scared the masters, they killed over 50 white people in the span of two days until other white owners and the state militia over took them. By the end of the nineteenth century, people started moving west along with the abolition movement, which was a movement in America to help end slavery and give freedom and for all people to be treated equally. It separated the nation and caused the civil war, but slavery still was around in the reconstructive years, which lead to the civil rights movement. President Lincoln made an announcement on January 1, 1863, that slaves were to be freed forever in any state.

In the 1960s there was still segregation in the schools resulting in African Americans going to one school and whites another. African Americans were not allowed to live in a white community “neighborhoods who brought up homes and sold them privately to prevent Black people from moving into their White parishes” (DiFranco 2017) nor ride the same bus until Rosa parks stood up and said enough, singers were not allowed to performer or eat in white establishments and could not attend church no matter if you had the same beliefs or not. Some people today still feel and accept racial segregation as a desire and give an opinion of a colorblind culture who are given the choice as to where we want our children to attend school and how we live, this gives us a hint that we might be just as racial as the generation before. It has been demonstrated that