the aerospace sector is more

Nowadays, the aerospace sector is more friendly to the skies. Aircraft Industry has a regular increase since 2010, with more customer expectation in quality and improvement. This trend impacts the fuel prices and makes it lower. Create more efficient cost design and structure for the aircraft industry and force them to create some marketing game such as more premium seating, checked bags, foods. This increasing trends continuing with more travel demand, demographics and Wetlh increasing in the Middle East and Asia. When I analyze deeply the industry I see the headline data is going downward pressure on profit because OEM product increasing platform with original equip and equipment manufacturer.

Prediction and forecasting show that By 2020 the seats will outpace in demand side for the aircraft industry. Explain it by the number little bit hard because articles have a lot of complicating graph system but I will try to explain it. Airlines expect to increase capacity to 2.5 % to 3% but expected capacity is surprisingly 5% ( and this percentage refers efficiency improvements). Boeing and Airbus have a huge opportunity to full this capacity by producing approximately 300 aircraft and it is approximately 40.000 – 50.000 seats) Boeings and Airbus opportunities are strong body sector, deceleration in global air traffic, suppliers network, comprehensive outsourcing strategy, weaknesses in global economies and also support from extract substantial for example Italian & Japanese Governments.

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By customer side, customers want sustainability and had higher importance for reliability, quality. But from the Airline’s perspectives by hour their plane (aircraft) is grounded their revenue is lost. It means growth in aviation demand creates a problem about fulfill capacity supply chain.  By PWC reports to control and manage value chain the two key drivers exist and they are demand forecasting an more valuable and effective information like (Order, service, fleet data etc. )