(ii) finding given wide publicity among workers

(ii) The number of accidents in construction industry has been on the increase. The enactment of a comprehensive legislation covering health, welfare, safety and other aspects of working conditions in this industry which the Government has in view will be adequate for the purpose if properly implemented.

(iii) The inspectorate of factories should develop frequent and informal contacts with managements and unions. By doing so, the inspectorate will be in a position to play the effective role of an adviser, a role expected of it in these changing times. Unfortunately, in recent years and in some cases at least, the social distance between senior management and the factory inspector has been widening.

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(iv) In the case of every fatal accident, the inspectorate shall conduct an inquiry and the finding given wide publicity among workers in the unit where the accident has occurred.

(v) There is little evidence of collective action by the employers’ associations in safety and accident prevention programmes although, some of them have made a significant contribution in this regard. Enlightened employers have been taking interest in promoting safety through formation of Safety Committees, publication of safety guides and other means. We feel that the employers’ organisations have to play a special role in arousing safety consciousness.

(vi) ‘Safety’ should become a habit with employers and workers. At present it has assumed the form of a ritual. The employer provides safety devices, if at all he does it, to complete a formality. This is particularly so in the case of smaller establishments and unorganized workers.

(vii) Unions by and large have not taken much interest in safety promotion. Unsafe working conditions have not attracted their attention to the same extent as claims for higher wages and other cash benefits. This attitude has to change.

(viii) Every factory employing 100 or more workers should have standing arrangements at the plant level to ensure continued participation of workers in matters connected with safety. These arrangements maybe in the shape of safety committees which should be set up and run with the assistance of factory inspectorate, if necessary.