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Yuliya Tyan

Tashkent city, Sergeli district, 5-22-17

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Personal Profile

A responsible 2nd-year student who is organized, hardworking and able to provide administrative support in a busy office atmosphere. I am looking for an appropriate position with an employer who has an open, friendly and collaborative environment.

Education and Qualification

·         Management and Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent    2016- present

BA (Hons) Business and Management Modules include:  Essential Study and Employment Skills,   Intro to Marketing, Intro to HRM and Talent Development, Intro to Accounting and Finance, Intro to Managing and Leading People, Intro to Business Operations and Services 

·         Academic lyceum under textile and light industries   2013-2016

·         Korean Language School Sejong                                     2014-2015

·         School #300                                                                        2004-2013

·         IELTS score 5.5 (02.04.2016)

·         TOPIK 2 (20.10.2016)

Work Experience

Personal tutor of English language and Mathematics                         11.2016-07.2017


·         Problem-solving and detail-oriented

Experience of processing data and problems with project through lyceum periods

·         Organizational management

Able to work in numerous projects and support them during all period by planning and coordinating effectively

·         Team working

Experienced in many team projects and all of them were successful

·         Willing to learn

Accepting a new subjects and different challenges willingly


I prefer to spend my time on play the guitar and piano or doing sports like Frisbee.