Registered NurseThere are many types of nurses throughout the world that do so many incredible things. Like for example, you have an Obstetrics nurse, a Practitioner Nurse, Registered nurse, etc. An Obstetrics Nurse can also be called an OB nurse. Their job is to, take care of women their puberty and menopause, labor, and childbirth. A practitioner nurse is a nurse that has more responsibilities for patient care than an RN. A Registered Nurse is some who provides patient care.What They DoA registered nurse has many jobs and requirements, they are constantly moving around and have to be able to deal with any behavior they get from a patient.

  They help and observe patients and then after observing them they write down their observations. They check medical equipment and teach the patients how to deal with their illnesses and injuries. They provide support for families and patients.These nurses are considered to give it their all and they can’t slack off or get something wrong because they are very important.

They need to put every observation they observe into the computer and make sure they don’t enter something that isn’t correct.What do they need to knowA registered nurse has many tasks. You can’t afford to mess up or do something wrong because it can not only affect you, but the person your attending, or your patient.Work EnvironmentRegistered nurses have many work environments. They are mostly known for working hospitals or emergency rooms, but that’s not the only place they work in. Some of their work environments are in local hospitals, work offices, healthcare services, care facilities, etc.

In these work environments, they are considered to move around a lot. They travel a lot to serve in other places but did you know that there are also military nurses. These nurses help out in the military and care for the wounded. They are also a reason why our nation is battling healthy because every time someone gets wounded they immediately go and help them recover and get stronger.Important skills/qualities they need to now    Some important skills/qualities you need to know in order to be a registered nurse is communication skills. You need to be comfortable with talking to new people.

Some more important skills you need to now are, compassion, detailed orientation, physical stamina, emotional stability, etc. All of these skills are important because they are the ones that will come in handy for this job. Registered nurses also have to learn how to cope with other people’s emotions.College Majors       A registered nurse has many college majors to choose from.

They can choose to take anatomy, chemistry, physiology, nutrition, etc. All of these college majors are important for becoming a registered nurse. You can choose from any one of these and more, or you can choose more than one and get higher education and learn more than what others will normally earn.Other jobs like thisIf you’re not interested in this job there are many more other jobs to look at. Some other jobs that are similar to this one are a physician assistant, paramedic, license and practitioner nurse, etc. Each one of these jobs are similar to a registered nurse. They all have to be organized and be able to adapt to change and handle people’s emotions/moods. CONCLUSIONSources“EP News Releases.

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