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The poem ‘Blessing’ is a poem of hope. The poem is about people struggling, people in poverty. This poem gives the world an idea of how people in poverty’s daily life is. The poet Imtiaz Dharkar purpose of this poem is to show a social comment on how people in the 21 first century shouldn’t live without water. She moves the reader’s attention from how there ‘never is enough water’ to how a pipe burst and treasure in the shape of water rushes down. This shows how people believe in god and wait for the blessing that they were waiting for. Water is a necessary and must need for every human being, and being in a place where thirst is a common thing lack of water can be a big issue. The poem gives a powerful understanding of poverty around the world. In the poem, Dharkar uses this simile ‘the skin cracks like a pod’ which tells her readers that these get so dehydrated and that their skin gets so dry that it would pop apart like a bean’s pod. Well, after all, she did tell us ‘there never is enough water’ Dharkar effectively uses inverted syntax to put emphasis on the words ‘never is’ which shows how not only once a week the water is gone, it is going to be every day of their life when there is not enough water.The second stanza starts off with ‘imagine the drip of water’ which lights up the sign of hope for water. Dharkar tries to play with sound in this stanza, she does this by using words like ‘small splash’, ‘echo’ and ‘tin mug’. this suggests the image of God finally giving a blessing to the people in poverty and looking over the people in need. The phrase ‘voice of a kindly god’ gives a similar effect of how the kindly god is the one that is the source of water. The third stanza is where Dharkar gives the explanation water’s value for these people. She explains water as ‘silver’. Silver is a really precious metal and comparing it with water doesn’t make sense but when there is no source of it whatsoever, the metaphor would fit in perfectly. Dharkar uses a technique which lists objects and things very fast which creates a pace for the reader and