DEATHWedon’t talk about it much, Oranything of that such.

Weare conflicted with the struggle.  Thinking about the times we used to snuggle.  DEATHForthis we don’t like to think. Althoughit can happen in just a wink. Question?Isit bad? Willyou be sad? Ifthis happened to your dad. Iknow you would miss him. Probablykiss him, Goodbye.Dropa tear from your eye.

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“Babydon’t cry.” Thenyou try. Thenhe walks away. Fallsin the back of the line. Allthese thoughts going through your mind.  DEATHAstruggle we will all face. Allthese memories you try to lace.

 But wait! Whyam I altered? Rememberingwhat my mom told me. “Yourfather was a man.” “Hesaved our land.” Don’tforget that Butit’s ok to weep. Justdon’t forget he sees you when you sleep.

 DEATHPleaseunderstand my conclusion. Thisis no delusion. Areal story. Froma girl name Mary.

Allthe difficulties she used to face. Butagain understand the conclusion. Hedid it for us. Forus freedom! Forour personalities! Forour families. Sowe have… LIFE.