It others as their safe space where

It is considered by some people that it is most unethical
as well as inappropriate to use a photograph which appears to depict a dead
person in the media as it could can be upsetting to the audience. As well as
this it can be seen as disrespectful to family members and friends mourning a
loss. Also a photograph would not be needed to convey an image of the deceased
of the front page of a daily newspaper. According to ipso Editor’s Code of Practice
“Editors will be expected to justify intrusions into any individual’s private
life without consent” and that “approaches must be made with sympathy and
discretion and publication handled sensitively” (independent press standards
organisation, 2017).


Another reason linking closely to this is following a
staged picture from the bombings of Brussels which causes outrage amongst the
public. Photojournalist, Khaled Al Sabbah, was spotted “on video posing a girl in
mourning after the Brussels terror attacks” (Jamieson, 2016). Not only has this
destroyed the public’s trust in the media but it is also inappropriate as it is
an act of disrespect to the families and friends of those who have died in the
attack. This also leads to questions such as can we the audience trust what the
media tells us and how often are photographs used in the public eye staged. Within
the photograph that was taken the girl is depicted to be praying which is also
inappropriate as praying symbolizes religion which is something personal and
viewed by others as their safe space where they are able to connect with God.

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