9. siwaBritish schools have banned students from wearing

9. Toilet paperSave from dragonmount.com1Dogwood PTOHalloween PartySome schools in the UK have banned the use of toilet paper tubes for craft projects, with the fear of spreading germs and bacteria. As a result, you will not see toilet paper rolls in classrooms. Or it will happen, mom paper!8. Shorts for kids© Simsalabimbam / RedditDuring a heat wave last summer, a British school has introduced a new dress code for its male students: there are no shorts in the classrooms. Then the boys decided to go with skirts. Nobody has forbidden them. About 30 children appeared in the school with skirts. Now. Skirts is it!7th birthday party invitations© DisneyA British school has decided that the birthday party invitations to all students should take place only when all children are invited. Otherwise “it is not inclusive or cruel”. Will it teach acts of kindness?6. Spinners© auroraborealis9000 / ImgurUS Schools UU And the UK has banned the favorite toy of this generation: wriggling spinners. His motives were concerns about safety and distraction. Once designed for ADHD and the treatment of autism, they have become a global madness.5th dodge ball© (Photo by United States Air Force of First Class Airman John A. Crawford)17 years ago, schools in the United States UU They began banning dodge ball, one of the most played games, to be “aggressive and insecure”. Again, because everyone wants you to be a lazy and inactive person. Now this game is banned almost everywhere in the United States.4. UGGs© Katherine Hala / FlickrAn American school banned UGG boots from their facilities for a simple reason: they were a way to hide a cell phone in the classroom. Now students have to change into a pair of sneakers before entering their main room.3. Jojo ArcosSave from flipagram.comVane vargasJojo siwaBritish schools have banned students from wearing ties that do not conform to the school’s official dress code because they are a “distraction.” The school (for example, the fashion police) is watching you. Yes, you, pretty bow.2. HoodiesA school in Connecticut has banned hoodies in their classrooms because it’s another way to hide a smartphone. Kids chat in mobile messengers hiding them in the front pocket of a hoodie. Smart kids1. Red inkSave ThoughtCoby ThinkstockCandace LanghamSchool materialA British school prohibits TEACHERS from using red pens when evaluating student work. Obviously, red ink tests seem to be more annoying for unstable people than younger students. So, never use red ink. NEVERNow that you have seen 20 ridiculous things that are banned in schools around the world, let us know in the comments if your school has banned something and what it was. We are very curious!Photo Credit Preview Cheerleader / Facebook