Is news reports.Use a battery-powered flash light to

Is a rapid rotating tunnel of air tornados occur in many parts of the world and mostly rural areas.About 1200 tornados hit the country every year most tornados accur between 4-9pm Tornados can damage alot and just destroy about anything out there in its path.  Destroying trees and destroying the water ways with debree and such and not to mention all the people they kill.The way we prepare for these natural phenomenons and what to do?Bbuild an emergency kit and make a family communications plan. Listen to NOAA Weather Radio or to commercial radio or television newscasts for the latest information. Move to an underground shelter, basement or safe room. If none is available, a small, windowless interior room or hallway on the lowest level of a sturdy building is the safest alternative.                                                                                                                                                    How we recover from these natural disasters?                                                                                                                                                              Keep a battery-powered radio with you so you can listen for emergency updates and news reports.Use a battery-powered flash light to inspect a damaged home.Use your own words to describe what you should do.Note: The flashlight should be turned on outside before entering – the battery may produce a spark that could ignite leaking gas, if present.Disasters are upsetting experiences for everyone involved. The emotional toll that disaster brings can sometimes be even more Children’s reactions are influenced by the behavior, thoughts, and feelings of adults. Adults should encourage children and adolescents to share their thoughts and feelings about the incident. Clarify misunderstandings about risk and danger by listening to children’s concerns and answering questions. Maintain a sense of calm by validating children’s concerns and perceptions and with discussion of concrete plans for safety.evastating.