hanging out with my learning buddy, I had an opportunity to actually observe
what was going on in a daily basis at a local Starbucks coffee shop. After awhile
sitting at the place, we had seen lots of people going in and out for drinks.

We noticed that they came from different cultures, classes, and races with
different occupations. They came in as couples, groups, or individuals.

However, basically, they went to Starbucks for purposes of communication,
business talks, sharing ideas or dating. These activities were shared and
associated by people with diverse cultural backgrounds; indeed this dynamic
process helped us visualize the idea of globalization, which multi-cultures
intersected in such a small community. This observation also described the
moral and ethical systems of human beings, which showcased that all cultures
were the equally valid, and no single culture was better than any others.

Through the process of exchanging and applying different cultural
characteristics into different communities, people would be able to not only
enhance their own cultural identity, but also to expand the positive influences
on other cultures.