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is domestic violence a social issue or private? The fight against domestic violence started in the late 1970s when feminists decided to take over the fight and address domestic for the public to know it is a major issue. Earlier before organizations like Refuge came into existence and address domestic violence it was taken to be a private issue that has to be discussed behind closed doors and between the partners. The issue is a social issue because it affects our society and women in general because they need justice. 
What are the main conflicts? This kind of freedom given when it is labeled a personal issue made the abusive men to take advantage and even go to a level of killing their wives and give reasons like they deserved it or alcohol was the cause. Refuge was first opened in UK the year 1971 to investigate domestic issues that were rising fast like a plague and try to look for solutions for them.
 How have activists organized to create change around the issue? What have been their tactics and strategies? Lou Chamber who is a founding member of spruce Run, which was an organization that gave a safe place for the abused women, mentioned that “The original idea was just a safe place, I mean, that’s where we started from. Which goes if you had a place, then people could go there and they’d be safe.  At least they’d be safe”. Activists like Lou Chamber started by offering shelter and forming groups of feminists to demonstrate about domestic violence. 
Have they worked? Domestic violence is an abusive act towards the women and the earlier the society deals with it is the earlier abusive men will be put behind bars and make the women feel safe. The fight by the feminists has made the 20th century a place for women to report any cases of mistreatment by passing bills in parliament and making even slapping or a text threat to be taken seriously.
 There work is showing fruits but if asked why? Cases of abuse are still being experienced in places like Virginia then that is a hard question because some men come from a violent society and maybe good and open communication is not being practiced within the relationship. But some violence actions are caused by an ex lover which are something society needs to take in to consideration.
What are the main problems? The level of seriousness domestic violence has brought cannot be referred as a private issue. 7.7 million People are facing domestic violence every year and 4.8 are women, whereby 1200 women will lose their lives due to domestic violence.
 Is there a current legal battle being fought for? The police who are supposed to protect the people are also not so much helpful as they avoid some major calls for help from wives being mistreated, and the justice department will take long to persecute an abusive husband due to the level of seriousness they take domestic violence. Robert Simmons who is currently serving his term as an abusive husband, has been taken to court ever since 1988 until March 2017 was when his case was given a verdict after he had don more physical harm to her wife for 30 years.
What is the main problem and what are some possible solutions? Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a centre of disease control and takes domestic violence as a disease affecting millions of people behind closed doors. This makes domestic violence to be a dangerous disease that is spreading all over the world with deaths being some of its outcomes. IPV is one of the solutions as it treats the victims and lets the world to know that domestic violence is not just a disagreement between couples. 
What are some researchers’ points of view? Robert Beulow says that “unfortunately, violence is not uncommon on college campuses, and it can take many forms,” this mean that domestic violence is nor just affecting couple who are married but even the teenagers who are getting into relationships.
 What is important to know about the issue? Domestic violence is not just physical abuse but can be in forms of verbal, sexual, emotional and psychological. 
What is my position on domestic violence? Domestic abuse is a major social issue and needs to be addressed publicly in order to reach the people affected from the incidence. A licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) from his research mentions that domestic abuse can lead to relationship problems, insomnia, and withdrawal from the community etc.
What were the most interesting findings? The issue of domestic violence is major especially in families as it leaves the children affected and marriages broken. Society getting involved in solving this growing disease is a major step towards a better living community, no woman deserves to be mistreated because humans are meant to love each other. A child coming from a violent home is probably when grown up and this finding is important because psychologically a child will be tormented by the scenes he witnesses. Some violent actions are even done in public places where the partner will undermine the other in front of the family and this will make the person to change for the best just not to upset man in the house.
 Were there Conflicting positions within your research group? Yes, although within the group the guys were also complaining that nowadays women are granted too many rights and they also domestically abuse their husbands and this brought a contradicting opinion but we agreed on all humans are to be treated equally. Counseling and educating the society is the only way that can make people to act humanly. 
What are some researcher’s points of view? Below mentions that “when women are being socialized to be passive and non- confrontational, and to accept that boys will be boys, it is no wonder women are disproportionately victimized by male violence,” He also blames the women for accepting some society beliefs and allow men to violate their rights till it gets too much.”