Ever wondered what life would be like if everyone lived past 100 years? Well the National Geographic reported earlier this year on the discoveries scientists have made on the secrets of a longer lifespan. According to the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that by 2050, at least 400,000 people will be past the age of 100. Although this sounds amazing, I don’t agree with idea of scientists messing around with human life spans because of a few questions & concerns such as would extending the lifespan drastically increase the population to the point where we’d use up our natural resources, would treatments to increase lifespan be too costly, & the fact scientists could be potentially playing the role of God.One concern with expanding the human lifespan is that eventually we would run out of natural resources. Living on a planet that has a population close to 7.6 billion we’re already using up more of these natural resources than we can replenish. According to Global Footprint Network(GFN), who have been tracking how much of these resources we use every year since the 80’s, the earth has just used up all of its resources that can be replenished for this year. This means that anymore resources we use up until December 31,2017 will never be replenished. Now imagine if the population was able to stay alive longer than 100 years. Would we even be able to survive?Another concern about expanding the human lifespan is the cost of the treatment that would be needed for this to even happen. Something as difficult and rare as extending someone’s lifespan is surely going to be extremely costly. Most people can’t even afford basic healthcare. A prime example would be this testimony in the New York Post that came from 20-year-old Eric, a senior at The College of New Jersey who fell down a flight of stairs & needed an ambulance & medical treatment. Unfortunately his insurance couldn’t cover all of his medical expenses that were over thousands of dollars. He’s just one of the many people in the world who have problems with paying for basic medical care. In fact, one-in-four American families have had to turn down medical care that they needed because of the cost, according to a study out from Bankrate.com. Now if people can’t afford basic medical care I doubt they’d be able to pay for expensive lifespan expanding treatment.In the past there have been controversial instances where scientist have tried playing God. Now them trying to expand the human lifespan has taken the idea of playing God to a whole different level. Many religious groups have even spoken out against this quote on quote impersonation of God. Even though this might seem unholy like, let’s take a minute to see a different viewpoint of playing God. Scientist & doctors who study in medicine have been culprits of playing God & it’s turned out for the best. Especially with the creation of prosthetic body parts, which have helped millions of people who have lost certain body parts due to trauma, disease, or congenital conditions. The idea of scientist expanding the lifespan of humans is an extraordinary idea, but for numerous reasons this doesn’t seem ideal. The main reasons why expanding the human lifespan wouldn’t workout for the best is because at a time where the world’s population could increase drastically would drain out all of our natural resources, the treatment for extending human lifespan could be unaffordable for people, & lastly scientist would be playing the role of God. As a whole we need to stop trying to prevent the inevitable & just life our lives to best our abilities.