This is a phrase, a philosophy phrase that is about living, daily living. But what do you think it really means or should we say what is the hidden meaning about it? Why just living is not enough? Living is not enough because we need to experience all the things we can. Simple as to explore the world or the things that was given to us by our beloved GOD. We need to experience all good, better and best, bad, worse and worst. From worst to best to know what the word LIFE truly means. It also doesn’t mean we need to do crimes in order to experience bad things, it’s just like problems, wounds and etc.

We and I consider it as bad things because I don’t like any of that happen to me. Just living is not enough…. We need to explore and find the true meaning of life. He who hesitates is probably right. This is a philosophy that we can use daily, why? Because this is about decision making. And we always make decision in every aspect of our life. As a student I can relate in this because of our recitations in school. We always hesitate before we raise our hands to answer. We will suddenly know that our or my answer is right because someone answers it. And it’s too late to get the credit.

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The philosophy above is trying to teach or to tell us that if we have ideas, share it, tell it, explain it because we will never know if our ideas is right if we don’t try it. Not only for students but all individuals around the globe. Human life is purely a matter of deciding what’s important to you. This Philosophy is saying human life always choose what’s important to you. But why? All individuals are different from each other, different tastes, likes, dislikes and many more. But we all have similarities, we always choose what’s important to us in every problem that comes in our life.

For some instances, family problems like marriage and your family doesn’t want your fiance or fiancee, you will decide what’s MORE important to you your family or your love one? If you choose your family, then go and it’s also the same if you choose your love one. I understand in this philosophy that this our instict that we always choose what’s important to us but it never assures us that what is important will be the best for us. Only friends can answer your calls everytime of day that matter. This is a simple philosophy that is about friendship. If we first read it, we will quickly understand what it means. But what do we understand?

We all know we have many friends in our life, friends in school, friends in the neighborhood and many more. We also know not all friends are real, just like this saying says “Some friends are gold and some friends are silver”. The philosophy above is trying to tell us that only TRUE and REAL friends can answer your calls no matter what your problem is. The friends that are there for you no matter what. No matter what time of day it is, you could call them and they’d be there for you. And it’s true, they are the ones that matter. The people who you can really rely on to be there for you are the ones that should matter in your life.