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        The miracles that were
performed in the old testaments are just events that were used to provide an
attribution of the presence of the almighty God. They reveal something that
concerns the character of God, the plans, the power and also the purpose. The miracles
also brought confirmation that the Eternal is inspiring the person or the angle
in the role as the prophet, teacher, the judge, the messenger, etc. therefore
they provided a living proof of the existence of God (Graham, 2016). The best
example is the tower of Babel where the language of a single man changes to
many languages (Genesis 11:1-9). For Jesus, He utilized the power of God
Almighty to perform miracles in the New Testament. These supernatural events
were being evident not only through calling and commissioning directly from God
but also through Gods divined origin. An example of Jesus miracle is the
resurrection of Lazarus after being dead for three days (Mathew 11:1-14).

        In considering the
difference between the Old Testament miracles and the miracles performed by
Jesus, we first discuss the issue of evidence. In the gospel of Jesus, he
allowed demonstration of the miracles which led to the availability of the
testimony from the eyewitnesses and the people that were around the moment the
miracle was being performed (Allen, 1907). On the other hand, the Old Testament
miracles had no demonstration of the miracles done by our Lord. Still, on the
question of internal evidence, the Old Testament miracles are considered to be
stronger that sometimes it has been thought since they seem to be beyond the
power of invention, and the happens abruptly (Loos, 1965). In comparison to the
New Testament, a person could be able to make a suggestion. For instance,
during the resurrection of Lazarus, Mary first suggests Jesus before the
miracle is done.


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