Developed master schedules to establish

Developed master schedules to establish planning and lead times for each activity • Plan and schedule activities for all different disciplines incorporating feedback from all affected parties • Lead scheduling meetings and communicate priorities based on the critical path • Create regular reports and scorecards for management • Work with staff to establish manpower requirements • Actively manage inventory levels • Create various regular reports based on performance and critical path analysis • Analyze data to find trends and efficiencies • Review manufacturing and import reports to predict inventory levels



Manage large projects across several departments
Schedule and monitor production of customer orders through plant processes
Key point person during monthly planning cycle for projecting sales and developing baseline plans
Provide regular updates on production and mill availability with management group
Help adjust day to day production schedule based on changes in customer requirements, production limitations and raw material availability
Facilitate negotiations/resolutions between production, sales, shipping and other departments
Manage and generate reports on raw material, work in progress and finished goods inventory
Manage and review planning reports for key performance indicators
Attend the forecast meetings and understand drivers, challenge assumptions and lead the team to agreement on the total demand plan
Order raw material and closely coordinate customer plans with supply planning
Perform other essential duties as assigned by supervisor or defined by company objectives
Monitor, manage and accurately report the forecast for physical inventory levels

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·       Managed two schedule systems, database (SAP) and spreadsheets to organize operations information 

·       Work with staff to establish manpower requirements  Checked with the production supervisors to make sure appropriate staff where machines that they had been trained for in order to meet deliveries ( Maintain efficiency)

·       Worked with the shipping department to make sure that orders were shipped correctly and on time

·       Scheduled production orders for the production floor daily to meet customer delivery dates