9th Grade-Graphic Design Essay

I am a very artistic, social, and creative person. Due to these traits that I possess, the opportunity to be a Graphic Designer truly peaks my interests. A Graphic Designer consists of many attributes to fulfill the job. These attributes are creative and disciplined communication skills, working well under pressure, and having good customer service skills. Overall, a Graphic Designer is a person who prepares final products such as posters or websites for businesses’ in terms of marketing.

Although I do have the specific traits and attributes essential for the job, I still have yet to acquire the crucial knowledge needed to become a formal Graphic Designer. In this essay, I plan to assess those needs so that I can understand just what it takes to be a part of this career choice. The first search necessary to pursue the career of Graphic Designing is the education and the training required. The first and common step made is simply obtaining a high school diploma.

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Many classes taken during high school such as art, English, and computer related classes can all have positive effects on your career choice. Depending on your employers opinion, you may need consecutive college years leading to a degree or you could simply take a few training courses in Graphic Design. Yet, more often than not employers tend to look for those who have received a bachelor’s degree which require four years in college.

If obtaining a bachelor’s degree is not an option for you, you can also take a 2 year course in college for an associate’s degree with classes directly focused on Graphic Design. Yet again, many employers tend to look for those who hold bachelor’s degrees. The last and most important step that often decides whether you have the opportunity to get the job or not is an organized portfolio entailing examples of your best work. This will show your artistic ability and effort you have put forward.

Another important factor in deciding your career is your talents, job skills, and experience. One very important skill needed to be a Graphic Designer is the way in which you market your materials. Marketing is highly significant because it gets the idea or name of the product that you are designing out to the public, thus affecting the income you obtain and jobs that become available to you. Many obvious skills you will need are critical thinking, speaking, active learning, complex problem solving, reading comprehension, and time management.

Countless people often wonder if talent is a factor inherited in the career they are looking for. In the case of Graphic Design it often comes as a career option when people find they obtain talents in art, social experience, and business perspective. One aspect that many people tend to look for while career searching is the earnings and benefits made. In the career of Graphic Designing most of the time earnings are founded of the skill of the designer but are also affected by many other causes.

An important aspect that can affect your general income depends on your location and reliability. If you are located in a large city for example, you will have more job opportunities then a person who lives in a small town. Job reliability is very significant because if people willing to offer you a job do not feel they can rely on you based on your previous work, you can be turned down from a business opportunity. Other than those common factors, Graphic Designers have a tendency to make between $25,000 and $75,000 annually.

There is a lot of opportunity for employment as a Graphic Designer. If you happen to gain a bachelor’s degree and a source of good work you are not far from finding a job offering. Many employers look for a very artistic and creative type of person that works well with others to increase the way people look towards their business. Excluding small businesses, it is necessary for most corporations to have a design team. A typical day in the eye of a Graphic Designer is creating images, designs, and ideas to suit their employer’s needs.

If they are a free agent they may take time to gaze for future work or they look into people who have been trying to contact them for more job opportunities. In conclusion, I feel that through my artistic, social and creative traits I can obtain the knowledge and training needed to become a very successful Graphic Designer. Recently, I took a “career matchmaker” consisting of about 140 questions that gave me an answer of Graphic Designing to be my most suitable career, which shows that I have the traits and peace of mind needed to fulfill this job.

Since I have found all the requirements that need to be met I am still happy if not even happier to take Graphic Designing as my vocation. Although I’ve learned almost seventy five percent more than what I knew before I searched for this occupation I still feel as if there is a lot more to come. I plan on further researching this career, possibly getting a taste of what college I could go to for upmost information in this occupational field. Other than that, I sense I am ready to take Graphic Designing to a whole new level in the factors it may hold.


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