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Theory of Autometa

Submitted to:

       Sir Dr. Sheraz Malik

Submitted by:

Mubashar Hussain



Msc. IT (B)


Department of
Information Technology

                       Directorate Of Distance Learning

Government college
university Faisalabad





















        This audit
belongs to a private networking company named as, Al arfeen NetZone pvt ltd. I visited
company office and collect data about their information system. Basically this
networking company provides internet to its users. Users interacts with company
through username and password. User must have its profile in main server and
internet data is provides through that profile. A software named as DMA
controls user attraction, its speed and status. Every user has IP address along
with its unique username and address, which can be accessed from anywhere within
range of tower, from any device. A user can log in once in a time. No one can
access to internet without registration and profile. Firewall security system
protects information system security.

         The process
to get access to internet is as follows.













Specification of System:


1.     Purchased Softwares:


          The softwares for this system are listed below.

Microtik 6.41:  

         This is main software which controls all
information systems.

Ubanto 14.4:

          This software is
installed in linux.


        This is also known as radius manager,
which controls user management and speed of users.


2.    Computer


                   This system is 
i-3. Ram of system is 4 GB and 1TB hard.

3.    Router and
Switching Devices:


                   Ther router and switching devices are used for commuication
with main server, these devices are as follows.

RB 3011

Cisco 2950 

TP link gigabit 8-p (switch)


4.    Type of

                    This is Local Area Network known as LAN. This
networking system covers small area under the city.



5.    Topologies:

           The network system of the compny
contains star topology. All the users connects with hub devices. These devices
are further connects with main server.

6.    Protoclos
and Software:

      The protocol for this syetem is TCP/IP.
Transmission control protocol and internet protocol are mostly used to connect
network devices to internet.



7.    Connectors:

      The connectors are used are RJ-45.


8.    Telecommunication

               The communication channels are
used in this system are both, wired and wireless. Mostly wireless system is
working and in small area connectionds via wire are installed.


9.    Privacy and

           The security system of this compny
regarding user end and server end is well designed. No one can access server
data or main system information system. Only registered users which have
profile in database of system can access to this network and can connect.
Username and password are required to connect. Anotheher security system known
as FIREWALL is installed which makes system secured as well.


10. Insurance:

             There is no insurance of this compny.


11. Backup and

          The data of the system is secured and
can restore in the case of failure or loss of data.        Microtik data can be restored from
cloud and DMA data can restore from its own website www.DMAsoftLab.com


12. Power

             The power supply of 220 volts is required
to run the system. Solar panel and UPS is working for power supply.






13. Physical

     The system is protected in a well covered
separate room which is allotted only for system devices. These devices are
arranged in rack mount which is secured arrangement. Anyhow the wired network
is not secured enough. These are open in streets and roads.


14. Air

        Air condition of 1.5 ton is working in
IT room and main server room.


15. Internet:

           Internet of CIR with bandwidth 150 mbps is


16. Access to
Data Files:

             Data files can be access from winbox 3.1.


17. Access

           Control of ubento is done by a
software Putty, microtic access is control by winbox.


18. Viruses:

             There is no virus in this system
as it is based on linux which is virus free.


19. BroadBand:

                  No need for broadband as CIR is already
installed in this system.


20. Users:

           The users of this networking system are



21. Cost:

                 Cost of system is 1.5 million Pakistani



22.  Area Of services:

         Area of services is as follows.


















As the information system is briefly discussed and
examined by auditor,  I find many good
things in this system, eg, this system contains star topology, which is best
network type in local area network, As system is also LAN.

This system is secured with respect to backup and
recovery, its all data can be restored easily in case of crash of system or any
unusual circumstances. Its data can be restored from  www.DMAsoftLab.com.

This network is more secure with respect to privacy
and secrecy. There is less chances to get 
access system database from other persons. No one can get access to
system without registration.

This company has no insurance from any organization,
this is weak point.




Entire system should be wireless, which reduces line
loses and makes services well.

Company should have insurance policy.

Useful for single user.

Less chances to disconnect.

Secured data backup.

Profitable business in rural areas where PTCL is not