A can prevent some diseases. Even if

million dollars worth hypothesis. Actually no, a billion dollars worth
hypothesis. Because it contains a lot of companies profit so literally a
billion dollars worth hypothesis. That’s why the question does not have an
answer. Do you think it is possible to prevent all diseases? Personally, i do not think that is possible. But
you can reduce the risk of getting the disease and also you can prevent some
diseases. Even if you do it all? My answer is still no. Why? Let’s go through meals
one by one and find out together shall we?

         I will start with the vegetables. I am
a meat kinda guy i don’t like vegetables that much but their contributions to human
health is undeniable. For example, have you ever heard about “Popeye”? Yes, i am
talking about spinach. The health benefits of spinach include “skin care,
improved eyesight, stronger muscles, cataracts, heart attacks, neurological
benefits, bone mineralization, anti-ulcerative and anti-cancerous benefits,
healthy fetal development, and boosted growth for infants.”1

         Moving on with fruits. Everyone loves
fruits! My personal favourite is banana. You can see me eating banana on
breaks. Because banana is very delicious and beneficial. It contains a lot of
potassium. Potassium is one of the most important cation in the body. It is
proven to be beneficial to heart, muscles, small intestine, large intestine and
many more organs in the body.

         Last but the most important (to me at least)
meal is meat. I feel sorry for vegetarians, i really do. They are devoid of
meat flavor. Anyway, The health benefits of this delicious food are “boosting
immunity, promoting muscle growth, improving digestion, protecting heart health,
helping fetal development, improving blood circulation…”2 the list goes on.

         In conclusion, the meals i have listed
above are very beneficial to human health. But you can not prevent diseases
that form in your genes (some of them can show itself later in life, keep that
in mind) such as cancer, huntington… Also there is always an uptake limit. If
you cross the limit then you are not reducing the risk, you are increasing the
risk of getting the disease.