A Crude Awakening Review Essay

The documentary A Crude Awakening is a very descriptive and informative film that helped me further understand the degree of dependence that we have on crude oil and why we became this way. Most points made in the film are facts that I could look up and prove on my own because they were, for the most part, historical or factual.

The film describes how our dependency on oil became very large during and after the industrial revolution due to fast production and high demand of cars and other mechanized things that require a large amount of oil to produce and maintain.This lifestyle has not changed since then, seeing as we still depends on cars as a main mode of transportation in our poorly developed urban “homes,” and the rate of exponential growth of the human population is growing at an incredible speed. This is why I believe that our dependency on oil is so large, and will grow to be larger still. Though all of the above-mentioned information is fairly well known, the speakers in this film also have concrete evidence to support their point.Examples such as McCamey, Texas and Baku, Russia were used to show how quickly oil is used up and the damage that it can do to a city. The rate that oil can run out in one area is very astonishing, but there are many more places that we can and have found oil.

It does make sense that we run out of oil so fast because of the amount of times that the leading producer of crude oil has changed: Russia, U. S. , Venezuela and now the Middle East. It reminds us that there are only so many places of the world we can go to that will have oil, let alone enough to sustain us for a good amount of time.The thing I appreciate the most about this film was that they support the fact that oil causes war and goes unmentioned politically. It is morally wrong for countries to invade one another for their resources, and any politician would tell you the same. It is scary not only that we are so dependent on a nonrenewable resource, but that our leaders will going to such an extreme as to invade a country to have a hold on this resource and lie to the world about their intentions.

It is unfair, and it is greedy of any country to do this to another. Oil is a magnet for war as they described it in the documentary. Another point that I agreed with in the movie was that our governments do not have a clear interpretation of how much oil we have left to use on our earth.

If they do, they do not publicly announce it; if they do, the information they give us does not make sense over time, or, the numbers don’t add up, as it was put in the film. This alone shows how little we know about our remaining supply of crude oil.Knowing how long we will have oil at our expense is very crucial to the current industrial world we have. Once we run out, there will be a limited time to find suitable and affordable ways of using other resources to match the level of energy that oil provides us with. Points brought up in the film such as air travel and the fact that our quality of life will have to go down really made me think of what the future will be like, and what extremes we will have to go to to conserve the energy that we will be able to produce.