A entertainment company with a revenue of £12.9bn

A client I’d consider ideal for PwC to offer advice to would be Sky, Europe’s largest pay-TV broadcaster. Sky is a telecommunications company which serves Europe. The company has a number of subsidiaries and provides a wide range of services from television and broadband internet to fixed line and mobile telephone services to consumers and businesses. It also currently holds the broadcasting rights of the most lucrative league in all of European football – the EPL.  According to its Annual Report of 2017, Sky is Europe’s leading entertainment company with a revenue of £12.9bn and an operating profit of £1.5bn. The company employs over 31,000 people and invests £6bn on its content annually. Further, it has its own cable channel offering movies closer to cinema release, on subscription, called Sky Cinema which premieres a new film each day and is also expanding the service’s on-demand library. It’s quite apparent that Sky is a company with huge outreach and some of the rights it holds are unfortunately tainted with frequent instances of infringement. The Intellectual Property team at PwC with its knowledge and expertise could help resolve these issues by providing legal advice in a commercial context. Since Sky also supplies to other TV operators subject to them meeting Sky’s quoted price, one can assume that there is a very real possibility of disputes arising over quotations. The fact that these channels broadcast commercials and also regularly sponsor theatrical premiers only heightens the possibility of disputes. The Commercial Resolution team at PwC would be of great help in resolving these disputes since it is accustomed to dealing with a wide range of disputes right from contractual and partnership ones to civil fraud. Finally, the broadcasting industry is one where change is the only constant and customer demands are always on the rise due to the sheer scale of content being consumed on a daily basis. This also provides a huge opportunity for growth and expansion to newer markets, and technological advancements. These developments would inevitably result in the need for cyber security and data protection. The team dedicated to this particular domain at PwC would have ample opportunities to thrive because of this. Further, on a different issue, Brexit could have several effects on Sky, a European company with mixed workforce, quite possibly affects free movement of people between borders. This would offer chances to the Employment team to offer suitable advice keeping in mind the changing laws surrounding Brexit.