A a Database Administrator are favorable as they

A career
as a Database Administrator is my recommendation for college students
considering their career options. A career as a Database Administrator will
continue to see considerable growth for years to come.


continues growth will be fueled by the importance of big data and the increased
use of the cloud. The use of cloud applications has transformed the importance
of a Database Administrators career path as organizations focus on putting
applications and data outside of their internal networks.

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prospects for a Database Administrator are favorable as they have found
themselves to be in high demand. Businesses are having a difficult time finding
qualified workers and those who are experienced with the latest technologies
will have the best prospects. Between 2016 and 2026 the employment of Database
Administrators is projected to increase 17 percent. This increase is due to the
increase in database-as-a-service especially at cloud computing firms where
data is processed. Another area that will be driving this demand is in the area
of small to mid-sized businesses who do not have IT staff.


Typical Jobs


majority of Database Administrators work in the retail industry, and the health
care industry. In the retail industry Database Administrators keep track of
customers credit card information and shipping information. In the healthcare
industry, they manage patient information and medical records.


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Advancement and


Administrators must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a computer related
subject and some companies may require a MBA focused on database management.
Certifications may be required for all Database Administrators for the specific
products they use.  Database
Administrators must also possess analytical, communication, and problem-solving
skills. With these skills and education, a Database Administrators can advance
to become managers of computer and information systems. Examples of information
system managers are Chief Information Officers(CIO), Chief Technology
Officer(CTO), IT Directors, and It Security Managers The median annual salary
for a Database Administrator is $85,000 a year with half of those earning in
the range of $130,000 a year. In 2016 a manager of information systems median
pay was $135,000 a year with the highest ten percent earning $208,000 a year.




Administrators make the life of data analysts and users easy by making sure
that the information they are looking for can be easily found. Typical
responsibilities of Database Administrators include ensuring that an
organizations data is secure, all data is backed up to prevent its accidental
loss, listen to users and their needs and make changes as needed to accommodate
the needs of users, ensure that databases work efficiently, maintain the
database and update any permission, and merge old databases into the new
databases. The majority of Database Administrators have those responsibilities
however there are some who specialize in certain database tasks within
organizations. Two such specialties are system and application. System DBA’s
focus on the nuts and bolts and the technical part of the database including
installing patches and fixing bugs with in the database program. Application
DBA’s support a database that has been designed for a specific application as
well as they do all the same things as a general DBA as it pertains to their
specific application. Application DBA’s use programming languages to write or
debug programs while managing the applications that work with the database





As with any career there are some advantages and
disadvantages. A career as a Database Administrator is no exception. As
technology grows and companies look to utilize the vast amount of data that
exists on the internet a Database Administrator will always be needed. Database
Administrators can expect to experience flexibility with a new push for this
work to be done at home as well at the office. This career path can expect a
median salary that is only topped by three other computer related careers which
a DBA can transfer into as this career offers above average upward mobility.

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Advantages to this career path make it appealing if
you are looking for a career that offers above average pay, flexibility, and
upward career mobility. Database Administrators however can lead a very
stressful work life. Database Administrators are responsible for data and data
security any leakage of this information can cost the organization large
amounts of money and possibly your career with that organization. Another realization
of this career is one where the DBA may sit for hours on end causing eye
strain, and neck and back issues.


In conclusion a career as a Database Administrator
is my recommendation as a career path for college students, the above average salary;
flexibility, upward mobility, and increasing demand make this a great career
choice for college students.