A Go Signal For Two Realizations Essay

A Go Signal For Two Realizations

There is nothing wrong with persuading someone to do what the others want him or her to do. There is nothing wrong with convincing someone to give particular information that the others need. However, there is something wrong with making others do or tell what others want by using force. One way of doing this is by the use of torture.

            Torture is blatantly shown in the 1965 film, “The Battle of Algiers”. It showcases the brutality to the Arabs done by the French military. The story happens in Algeria where Arabs that live there are being conquered by the French forces. Eventually, some of these citizens formed a group that would seek for Algerian independence. However, the French government, which dominates the country, treats them as terrorists and tries to torture every Arab in order to subject them into their rule.

            Obviously, the torture that is done in the movie will never be justifiable. Arabs are treated as terrorists and this maybe the reason for some to say that the torture is just right for them. This logic is wrong because, as a matter of fact, the real bandits are the French military knowing the fact that Algeria truly belongs to the Arabs. Also, whoever the real bandits or culprits are, in any aspects one might look at, brutality can never be justifiable since it is an act of physically hurting people in order to subject to what one wants. Every human has his or her right for a choice. If he or she is not persuaded, he or she should be refrained from force.

            On the other hand, women are treated heroes in the film. They are powerful in two cases. First, they are not being manifestly hurt by the French military. They almost have special treatment in the sense that they are not being hurt and receive more lenient treatment. Second, they show great courage in fighting for independence. They do what people commonly think as great deeds of men. This is exemplified in their brave act of putting bombs in the places where there are a lot of French.

            The film is just an example of something that awakens the minds of the people to some critical issues. One is that what they think of terrorism has a deep reason that they forget to understand and the other is that women have the ability to do things the same as men.