A Good Education Is The Most Valuable Thing Essay

A Good Education Is The Most Valuable Thing

A good education is the force that turns the wheel of progress and advancement. The power behind a good education speaks in innumerable ways, affecting the everyday life of an individual. With only one life to live, it’s up to the individual to make the best of it, and an education is the key. It can open wide range of opportunities for professional growth and advancement. A good education also affects many aspects of his personal life such as the decision he makes, and the insight and awareness gained from a sound education can improve the social aspect of his life as well. A good education is the foundation of successful and happy life.

            Formal schooling and college education is the ticket to greater awareness, knowledge and opportunities. People with just a high school education get a few jobs, but with a college education, the possibilities increase drastically (Hansen). The bright prospects in a field of work can change the track of a person’s life. He has more choices to choose from different offers which may come his way. It can enhance his self esteem and confidence and can also positively shape his temperament and attitude by making him more emotionally stable. With the right opportunities, he has a good chance of earning enough money to support his family as well as pursuing hobbies and spending on things of comfort and luxury. This can significantly affect his quality of life and boost his career (Hansen). With an education, he has the option to choose a career which will give him satisfaction and provide him with opportunities for growth. This leads him in the right direction to shape a career which will set the path for his future success and advancement. This can be a guarantee of a secure and happy life.

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            The knowledge and training, received in the process of achieving good education will instill him with good insight based on awareness and information. The more informed he is, better his decisions will be. He would also be better prepared to evaluate and analyze situations and issues, making him a good manager and a responsible human being. He can have opportunities to nurture enriching hobbies like reading, music etc. He will have more options to engage himself when alone, and would be able to keep away the problem of being bored or lonely. As he achieves a good career, this will also ensure financial security. He can shape his life according to his dream and also have great opportunities to travel and see the world. This would open up a wider range of acceptance and understanding resulting in a more mature and wise human being.

            A good education also enriches the personal life of the individual. It guarantees more stable and steady relationships leading to emotional balance and harmony. An educated person is more interesting to others. He can climb the social ladder of popularity by being intelligent, knowledgeable and smart. He can have wider network of friends, colleagues and acquaintances who may desire his company because he is adaptable and sensitive to their expectations and their needs. He can also impress people with his good judgment and sound decisions. A well educated man also has greater chance of success in family life. Family life is a series of decision-making at every step and problem solving all along the way. A good education can provide solid ground from where more intelligent and effective problem solving can be done. Any long term relationship requires patience and perseverance to sustain through the ups and down of life. The process of acquiring good education paves the way through the rigors of training to be disciplined, and good results require perseverance and final completion comes through patience. The subtle training in these qualities is part of the learning process; they also indirectly train for life. These qualities are necessary for success with family and friends and make a person reliable and trustworthy. This is a great asset, which cannot be compared with any other treasure.

            A good education also shapes future trends. It ensures that he will be a good parent; well informed and prepared. Parenting is one of the most challenging tasks undertaken by humans. It requires great responsibility and total commitment. To cope with successful parenting, one needs to be armed with patience, perseverance and good humor. Effective parenting skills can be learnt through the knowledge and insight gained by a good education. Successful parenting ensures a safe, secure, and happy future for the offspring. An education can be the single most determining factor for success. A child which comes from an educated family has greater chances of success in his education than the child who comes from en uneducated family. It would be valuable to set a trend for good education which would enrich and secure two generations.

            A good education ensures success and happiness, along with financial independence. It is necessary to have a high-quality education to survive in the present world of globalization. In the age of cultural diversity and international amalgamation, it is necessary to be armored with the best education that can ensure an advantage over the competitors in skill-set, understanding and success (Hansen). A good education is the most important need of the time for success with a family and career. It is most single most essential quality for human growth and success and a key to a good life and happiness.

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