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A lot of people are applying for jobs everyday. And at every workplace employers ask different questions. Some of them can ask you about your personal information. Some people claim that it is not right to ask such questions because it is everyone’s personal life and trying to learn it is not ethic. I do not agree with this opinion, I think employers need to ask questions like this since they increase work efficiency, strengthen relationships at workplace and help employers create a stable and secure business.First of all questions about personal information can increase efficiency at workplace. When your bosses know more information about you they will give you tasks and assignments according to your skills and you can be more energytic and happy at your job. Moreover, people can have better working conditions since their lifestyle and habits will be known. For instance mangers can regulate working hours in the most efficient and comfortable for everybody way. So, individual questions creates better work conditions.Another reason why it is a good idea to learn individual information at job is the fact that this information can improve the realationships both between co workers and between workers and employers. It will create a connection between them which may make them closer to each other. Communication at work affects almost every adult from psychological way. People who have better relationship with their counterparts probably have less stress. Moreover, when there is a good environment at job, quality of the work is increasing. So individual questions can help people feel better.Finally, private data about workers can be necessery for creating a secure workplace. Employers need to know with who they are working. They need to know whether they can trust this person or not. Especially if there is an important task to do and managers are hiring someone for it, they need to know is this person reliable or not. Furthermore they may want to know if there will be any hitches because of some personal condition of employee. This informationm is necessery for keeping the business secure.To sum up, In my opinion it is acceptable to ask questions about intimate information since these questions raise efficency at workplace, improve communication between counterparts and employers and make the job itself more secure. I think people do not need to rect too much to this situation since it is made for their own benefits.