A Hero: Tim Tebow Essay

Ask yourself. What is a hero? Is it someone who is tough, noble, and admired for good qualities? Or is it a chief mail character in a movie, book, or play that is identified with several desirable qualities? Does age, race, or gender help define a hero? I’m sure most people will have different answers for the questions above. They were all based on your opinion, which may be different from another person’s. My opinion is a hero is anyone that is looked up to, or anyone that can be depended on. I don’t believe age, race, or gender matter when defining a heroic figure.

When you think about a hero, who is the first person to pop into your mind? Maybe it’s a friend, family member, professional athlete, actor, or musician. The first person that comes to my mind is a professional athlete, Tim Tebow. Ever since I watched him play for Florida through the television when he was in college I have looked up to him. He has inspired me in more ways than one. He is an excellent Christian role model for kids, as well as adults. He has given everyone multiple reasons to look up to him, and doesn’t do it for publicity either.

I think he maintains his Christian attitude on and off the field to honor the Lord, as well as his family. Tim was born in the Philippines while his parents were visiting as Baptist missionaries. He is the youngest of five students, all of which were homeschooled by their mother who worked to instill Christian beliefs along the way. He played football in a public high school, and later moved on to attend college at the University of Florida as a quarterback. For one game, Tebow decided to put eye black under his eyes.

This is normal for plenty of collegiate athletes, but there was something different about Tebow’s eye black. His had a bible verse written on them. The first time it was John 3:16. After the game, tremendous amounts of people googled the bible verse. That means that many more people came to learn a little more about God and Christianity. Tim did a great job of showing his work in the ministry on and off the field. Several modern day athletes choose to follow the crowd, and do what they can to be considered cool.

Most of them party on the weekends, drink, smoke, and set bad examples when they aren’t on the field. Some set bad examples on the field by showing unsportsmanlike conduct and other penalty-worthy things. Tebow stepped away from the crowd and chose to walk alone. He set good examples instead of bad ones. He kept faith in the Lord, and the Lord helped him accomplish many things. All of the athletes getting suspended from the games or locked in jail may be “cool”, but Tim Tebow is a hero and I hope he chooses to continue his role as a leader and responsible athlete!