A Human Instinct Essay

A human instinct The first thing we do when we meet someone new is, judge them.

Judging others is almost an instinct to humans, we just can‘t help it. Observation is what “helps” us pass judgment on a person. Our observations play a big roll in the way we react to others.

When we react to others we observe the way they interact, their physical appearance, and the way they dress. An introvert is a shy person, one who is concerned with his/her own thoughts and feelings. I am an introvert and I am constantly judged on that fact. It seems that my lack of speech leads one to the conclusion that I am an ignorant person.I do have thoughts and knowledge in me. Although at times I don’t always have the ability to voice them.

This also leads people to think that I am a crude person. As a shy person I have trouble with everyday conversations. People think that either I don’t like them or that I don’t want to talk to them. That certainly isn’t the case. An extrovert is an outgoing person, one who can voice his/her own thoughts and feelings. These people are perceived as good and friendly people but that isn’t always true. Our observation of this person makes us react in a positive way.We will want to talk to them and become friends.

Not all but some extroverts may be unfriendly and vulgar. This is not something that most people will expect from an extrovert. No one is safe from judgment, there is one thing that everyone will be judged on, physical appearance! A person is either ugly, normal or beautiful. As an unattractive person I have accepted the fact that I don’t attract people on a first impression. First impressions are everything; they are the moment that you are judged, the moment people decide if you are worthy or not. Beautiful people have natural advantages over ugly people.They may be able to get into a club for free because they are beautiful or they may get free drinks for that same reason. A friend of mine in high school was the prettiest one of our group and she would always get us free ice cream from McDonalds.

Because she knew she was attractive, she would flirt with the male cashiers to get the free ice cream. Anyone who doesn’t believe that this is how the world works is in denial. People will always judge someone by their physical appearance but we have the choice of not taking our judgment into account.

Ever since we were kids we have been taught not to judge a book by its cover.Certainly this should have stuck with us; instead it seems to have gone over our heads. Now all we do is judge a person by how they dress. The way a person dresses is in direct correlation with wealth. As humans, we are attracted to wealth.

Our assessment of wealth is all based on external standards. Wearing a suit from the Christian Dior collection will turn heads; people will have an initial reaction of “wealthy business man”. He may be a wealthy business man but what type of business is he running. Women will see this man as a good successful man but he may be running a drug cartel.If only they hadn’t judged him by his attire they would have saved themselves from being in a relationship with a bad man. A person’s attire will play into action when being judged. In Brent Staples story “Just Walk on By” Staples writes “I began to take precautions to make my self less threatening.

I move about with care…. particularly when I have exchanged business clothes for jeans. ” When Staples has his business suit on people aren’t afraid of him but once he changes into his jeans, the reactions of others change too. The way others dress significantly alters our reaction to them.Someone’s attire can’t possibly tell you a person’s sexual orientation but of course there are people out there that think otherwise. If a male wears pink, leather, tight shirts or tight pants they will be accused of being gay. If people think you are gay, whether it’s true or false, they will react to you differently.

Homophobes in particular; will react in a negative way. This person being accused may be in danger just because he dresses a certain way. This has happened to a person I once knew. He dressed differently then most of the males at school and this caused them to bully him.He was called names like “faggot” or “Fairy”. Even after acquiring a girlfriend the torment wouldn’t stop because he still dressed differently. He eventually had to switch schools because other people’s judgment was causing him pain. Our judgments will miss lead us, we must learn not to be controlled by our instinct to judge.

Our reaction to others does not have to be fueled by judgment but in reality it will. Charlotte Bronte once wrote “Feeling without judgment is a washy draught indeed; but judgment un-tempered by feeling is too bitter ad husky a morsel for human deglutition. Making judgment with no feeling at all is harsh, and may not give good results. Ones head and heart must work together when passing judgment on someone, if judgment must be passed.

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