A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a science fiction

A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a science fiction drama directed by Steven Spielberg that brings us to the 22d century, where technological advancement got to the point where so-called Mechas, or human-like robots that are able to think and possess feelings, become members of separate families and of society as a whole. David is a child Mecha that is adopted by a family whose son was ill with a rare disease and thus, was kept away for some time. In the beginning the mom Monica gets attached to David, which makes her activate his feeling. However, after their son comes back home he feels jealous of a new brother and therefore, does everything to get rid of him and eventually succeeds. However, instead of bringing David back to the factory for destruction, Monica leaves his alone in the forest. Poor David believes that he can be turned into a real boy



The Purge: Election Year is a dystopian horror-thriller directed by James DeMonaco which shows how the Unites States flourishes in the future under the control of the new Founding Fathers with unbelievably low unemployment rates and crime. However, such good results have not organically developed – they are obtained by the creation of the purge, which is a civic tradition that makes any crime legal and allows to use any source of violence in any possible and desired way, including murders, for 12 hours once a year. This is the third part of the series of films and here the victim of one of the previous purges Charlie Roan is trying to fight against the regime by getting involved in new presidential elections. The whole society does not seem to realise the absurdness of the purge and the majority of the people enjoy killing each other either for some stupid reasons or just for satisfaction. However, after surviving a few assassination attempts and eventual survival of another purge the main antagonists wins the elections and the film ends without any clarification of what happens next. On the one hand, the plot suggests that it is clearly a dystopian film, where a perfect society turns out to be an evil place to live in and where people are blinded by this image of perfection. This view is also strengthened by the existence of the main antagonist, who challenges this idea of perfection and is eager to bring some change. Finally, 

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