A Life Changing Decision Essay

A Life Changing Decision            They say that change is permanent, and to effect this change, we are sometimes forced to make difficult decisions that change our lives forever. The difficulty in making decisions depends on the impact they are going to have in our lives, but no matter the circumstances, these decisions must come.

I found myself in such a circumstance six years ago when I was forced by circumstances to choose between leaving my country, the country I was born and raised in, for an opportunity to move to America. Would I venture into a foreign and strange land or would I choose to maintain my life in Vietnam among all the friends I had grown up with?            At said time, my father summoned me from my friend’s house. I went over, wondering what the news had to be. When I arrived, he asked me whether I would like to fly to America and live with my paternal grandmother. Immediately after hearing of that proposition, I did not know how to respond.

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I had heard about America and all the opportunities which are available there and had even desired to travel there someday, but I did not expect that it would be so soon and it would mean me living there. I had gotten too used to living in Vietnam and I loved my family, my country and my childhood friends; moving from my life to start a totally new life was not going to be easy.            I could not just respond to his request. My life was just too comfortable. I was okay with it with my life since I was surrounded by so much love from my sister, my mother, my relatives and my friends. The plan was for me, my father and my brother to fly to America while my sister, who was already 21 years old, to be left back home with my mother who would need to look after my maternal grandmother. My parents amicably explained the benefits I would reap from relocating to America including getting a decent education therefore safeguarding my future.

But still, America was so far away from home, and I did not want to desert Vietnam, the country in which I had been raised all fifteen years of my life.            There were so many things I would miss if I decided to relocate to America: my sister who I loved so much, my mother and her cooking (which I think is the best in the world) and my grandmother’s constant censure every time I got into trouble, for example after coming home late and my friends whom we had grown together. My mother however took it as her responsibility to advice me to take up the offer and better my life. In fact, it was her plea that made me suddenly change my mind, and I decided to fly with my father and my dad to America. It was an opportunity for me to explore the world and meet different types of people, so I said yes.            A year into America, I did not like it that much. It was challenging as I had to get used to new cultures, new types of food and learn a new language.

The American people were so diverse; but I liked some aspects like having the government finance education for poor people, which was not the case in Vietnam. I am now fully integrated into the society, and I plan to work very hard and later move back home so that I can help my people. I like the opportunities in America; for example I own my own laptop and drive my own car, which would be impossible if I had stayed back home.