A Memory Essay

I’ve had a lot of good and bad happen in my life. I come from a good family who cares about me and supports me in every turn; good, bad, happy, and sad. I had a good demonstration of that as a child living in California, where I lived until I was 26 years old. I was eight years old and I always loved to ride my bike when it was nice outside. Whether it was being with my friends or just enjoying the air, that’s what I loved to do.

The odd part about my bike was that one of the pedals were broken but that never stopped me.I don’t know what happen but one day stands out more than any time of being a kid and riding my bike. I somehow lost control and smacked into a car mirror. When I fell, I had dragged my face across the pavement at least five feet according to my neighbor who saw the whole thing.

The pain was indescribable and as it turned out, I had pebbles and small rocks embedded in my skin and my one whole side of my face was one big bloody mess to put it very mildly. My neighbor had then picked me up and ran me to my family’s home to show them what had happened.My stepmom fainted from the sight of my face being gashed up and bleeding not to mention my dad was crying and freaking out. It looked pretty ugly for me being eight with my face being extremely scraped up and battered. Like any family who was scared and panicked about their child’s safety, they rushed me to the hospital to see if I was injured more than just my face. Turns out I was ok but I would have a huge scab with the potential of some permanent scarring from the pebbles and rocks that were in my skin.

Some Neosporin and bandages to avoid infection was the result of my fall. Time goes by and I heal up. With the risk of infection gone and wounds healed, I realized that I didn’t have any scarring at all much to everyone’s surprise, even my own. Even after that incident and a few more scrapes and bumps, I still rode that bike until I outgrew it. I never really feared riding my bike because like all falls, you just have to get up and go again. Now I have grown up and have children of my own I have realized many things that have been instilled in me growing up.One of those things being that no matter what happens; my family is my main support when all other forms of support are not available or non-existent.

Next thing I realized is that my children are going to encounter bumps and bruises of their own and I have to be ready for it. But mainly I have realized that even in my stepmom’s fainting and my dad’s panic in fear of me either dying or just being bad off, that same instinct is evident when it comes to my children as I do love them regardless if anything life altering would occur. A lot of things came into play in my life from this incident.Being the eight year old who loved to ride my bike on a nice day was a highlight. If it wasn’t for my neighbor who acted very fast when he saw me fall, I would have possibly lain on the ground still bleeding until someone did see me. If wasn’t for my dad and stepmom being the caring and loving people they were, I probably would have that severe scarring and that could have weighed heavily in my life in the future and how I saw it. I’ve realized that one little mishap can have a lasting impression whether it’s physical scars, mental scars or just memories.

I’m glad I do have that family support and love because I now use that when it comes to my children and their upbringing. I can only hope they will carry that on like I did. To this day, I like to look back at that time when I was a child and recall not the accident, the pain I endured, or the time it took to heal up but to be thankful I do have my family because I know most people don’t have that luxury and I am blessed that I do not to mention the fact that my children can experience that same love and support I received. It’s truly a great feeling.