A Message from the Last Spark of Nature Essay

A Message from the Last Spark of Nature            Every day people undergo a specific cycle of buying, consuming and throwing waste products. This has been the ritual inculcated and acclimated to the ordinary people from their egoistic desire to fulfill their physical needs. Underneath this wheel of consumption lies the linear system of economy: extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal. Within this system are subjects or people that contribute to the rotation of the wheel. They are like interconnected gears that move along with the system. Outside this system are strong driving forces that continuously make this structure move. They are the government and the incorporation (“Story” 2008).

            If one will take a closer look into this diagram, it is noticeable that the main victim here is the nature. What people consume every day comes from the environment. Papers were taken from trees. Minerals and ores were mined from mountains.

The problem with this stuff is that many are taken but not all are replaced equally. This then results to a devastated ecology which disrupts the traditional way of living of people within the location. Once disrupted, the inhabitants of that location will seek any means of living, with most of them ended up working in factory.            These factories and mining industries aid in converting raw materials into consumer friendly products. Throughout this process of conversion, several toxic chemicals are introduced which render some of the products toxic.

Moreover, fumes and gases are released throughout the process which adds up to the earth’s sick atmosphere. Workers are also at risk in acquiring occupational diseases to which the government must make an action to keep the wheel moving. Though it is stated that breast milk is the food that has the highest level of toxic contaminants (“Story” 2008), one cannot deny the fact that the body has several mechanisms which allow detoxification of chemicals, rendering the products to be chemical-free and safe for consumption.            Once these products are made, they are deployed to stores making them available for the consumers. People will patronize these products and will continuously consume these goods since these will satisfy their needs and wants. Media plays an important role in this part as they air advertisements which make consumers feel unsatisfied with their present life.

As a result, consumers will buy products to follow the trend, allowing the old yet useful materials to be put in trash.            This habit compiles the trashes, making it difficult for disposal. To answer this call, several methods such as incineration and land filling are practiced to keep trashes in a controllable rate. However, they are considered to pollute the environment. But the good thing here is that authorities are in action to re-ignite the flickering flame of Mother Earth.Work Cited“The Story of Stuff”.

(2008). Web. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLBE5QAYXp8