A Midsummer Night S Dream Theme Essay

In William Shakespear‚s couples fall in love both naturally and by spells causing romantic love and forced love to occur. This causes the platonic love between friends to fall apart and parental love to be strained. This play shows people t hat there are many different forms of love other than true love.

Shakespeare uses Lysander and Hermia as an example of romantic love, the I overs run off to get married at his aunts house, where the Athenian law does not affect them, “There, gentle Hermia, may marry thee; / and to that place the sharp Athenian law / cannot pursue us. ” ( 1. 1. 163 Still madly in love they lie down near some trees to rest, when Puc k arrives and mistakenly puts Lysander under a love spell. Lysander, who is madly in love w ith Hermia, now loves Helena because of the spell.

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When Lysander awakes, he runs off becaus his feelings towards Hermia have changed. This true love has been destroyed by magic. Shakespeare uses Demetrius and Helena as an example of romantic love, bot h true and forced. Helena has been in love with Demetrius for awhile, but he did not retu rn the mutual feelings. Demetrius suddenly is in love with Helena because of a spell Puck pu t on him, “The object and the pleasure of mine eye, is only Helena. ” (4. 1. 171 It seems this s peech is coming Saunders 2 from his heart and is possible the potion has worn off.

This shows that maybe he spell helped him see that deep down in his heart he really loved Helena all along. Shakespeare shows many types of love by putting the characters through sce narios where love is uncontrollable. There are many forms of love other than just romantic, such as parental, platonic, and forced love. By using different examples of love throughout the play this gives a better understanding of the many different types. By showing the many differ ent types of love Shakespeare helps create a center of plot and adds a good tone to his play.