A Ministers Black Veil Essay

In the Ministers Black Veil, Nathaniel Hawthorn uses several elements of fiction. It is clear thought the story he uses symbolism as the main element of fiction thought the story.

He uses the Black Veil as the main point of symbolism. I am going to show you two different views of the black veil, and another person’s view on it. The first symbol the veil is given is a sad or horror.

The veil is viewed as frightening by the townspeople.The only reason it is looked at as frightening is because the townspeople do not know why reverend Hooper is wearing the veil. All the mystery would be taken away from the pastor if he would’ve given the people an answer why he wearing the veil. The townspeople’s not getting an answer is what because them to create their own mystery of why he is wearing the veil. The veil also set a barrier between the townspeople and the minister during his sermon.

As a pastor you need your communication to be as clear as possible.Not having clear communication created controversy in the church itself. I believe pastor had become sort of obsessed with the veil itself. The minsters himself thinks that the veil itself hides the sin from the people. To myself I believe the veil shows that the minister is hiding something because is clearly hiding himself behind it.

He hides himself as a lady would hide herself before her husband in marriage. He becomes so ashamed of his sin the he never takes the veil off after he puts it on.I took my other view from Jenny Cromie’s criticism and review of The Ministers Black Veil. She also agrees that there is more meaning behind the veil.

The he does give us the reason why he wears the veil, but there is much more behind why he wears it. She states “If we take The Ministers Black Veil at its face value as a homily or secret sin, we are confronted with the apparent disproportion between the acts and its causes”. She goes on further to say that there was more meaning behind the veil.She also states that the minister creates a sort of heroism with the veil trying to show the townspeople that he a pastor even sins. That is a view I didn’t see until I read her criticism of The Ministers Black Veil.

Between my view and the criticism by Jenny Cromie you can see the multiple uses of symbolism used by Nathaniel Hawthorn. This symbolism creates the sort of drama Hawthorn uses in plenty of his stories. This story used most elements of fiction but clearly symbolism was the most Important used in the Ministers Black Veil.