A Moment in My Life: a Wish Comes True Essay

How often do we make a wish and really believe that the wish will come true? As adults we are more grounded in reality and we do not expect anything to appear from nowhere, but we have to actually make it happen for ourselves if we want it.

For children, however, dreams and wishes are an active part of their fantasies, because they are innocent, naive, and life is easy when you are little. But sometimes, childhood can be difficult, when children become sick. In these cases, I think, that having a dream is even more important, because it makes life more colorful, gives hope and motivates them to overcome their illness.I remember when I was 5 years old I got a little sick – running nose and sore throat. But as we had a big “Doors Open Day” or as they say in America “Open House” at the school I was still forced to go. It was the beginning of spring and the first sun rays warmed me and my brother’s happy faces. We were walking, hopping, running and pushing each other and laughter echoed in the street.

Mom shouted for us to stop running, because we were a little late for event. The big sign on the gates of the school read “Make A Wish “.Everyone was required to dress in black and white: girls had to wear white blouses and black skirts, and boys had to wear white shirts and black pants. Traditionally in Russia uniforms were required everyday, but not during the time I went to school. Only on the special occasions would the principal require us to wear it to establish order and discipline. I personally liked the uniform, because it was a symbol of a holiday for me. As we walked in, we saw that everything was almost ready.

There were a lot of balloons different colors – white, green, orange, blue, purple – and beautiful yellow narcissus flowers and red tulips.The black baby grand piano in the corner was open and dustless. I knew that someone very important was coming, because of the way our teachers were acting. They were running around trying to settle everything down, talking to themselves and nodding and shaking their heads. They rearranged the flowers 4-5 times, like it was something important. Overall, the atmosphere was little tense.

They put chairs in rows and sat the children down. The first row was for teachers, the second and the third -for children and the last two were for our parents and guests.The door opened wildly and everyone froze. Nozdrina 2 -” Hello, everyone! My name is Marina and I am here for your happiness, your smiles, and enjoyment! ” A tall women in glasses walked in the room with a big smile on her face. She wore a long white dress with a big red belt and bright red heels. -” As all of you may know wishes, dreams, and hopes are very important in our lives.

For the last 10 years our Foundation has enriched the lives of children with life – threatening medical conditions through its wish -granting work.The Foundation’s mission reflects the life -changing impact that a Make-A-Wish experience has on children, families, referral sources, donors, sponsors, and entire communities. Today I want to ask you to write a small letter to those, who don’t have a family and fighting for their lives on their own. You can include your warm wishes and drawings, It would help them very much! ” They gave us paper and pencils. I drew a sunny day, like it was outside, green grass and a happy family holding each others hands. ” Be happy and healthy! “- was my wish to them.Our teacher Olga, who always wore a white coat, today especially reminded me of a doctor, asked us: – ” Now tell me what everyone of you is wishing for? ” My Mom use to say: ” If you want something, make a wish and it will definitely come true. Before you wish for anything, concentrate first, because your mind is sending an informational wave to cosmos very quickly, but don’t expect for it to realized right away, it might take some time, cause time in cosmos is not measurable”.

– ” I wish for toys for sick children in hospital”- kids started to reply a teachers question. ” I wish that the army men could come home”- said Vlad loud, who’s father was an army officer. – “I wish there was no illness “- coughing grumbled Artiom. Everyone’s wish was so important and global, but not mine.

.. and I was taking sometime before I voice it.

– ” I want a new bike. “- shouted Max. – ” Now is a good time for me to say my wish”- I thought and took a deep breath: ” … Uuummm…

” – ” I want to go home. ” – said little Tanya and started to cry. She was the youngest of us and probably was hungry and tired, plus she always cried.Nozdrina 3 Marya ran to the other room and rolled out a big table on wheels filled with fruits, cookies , mini cupcakes and tall glasses of milk. Everything was homemade and fresh ; each of the parent had to bring something to the party.

Everyone ran towards food. I didn’t try anything, but my Mom’s oatmeal cookies. Yum! my favorite! After a little snack we made a mini-concert for guests and parents with songs and dances, and poem reading. We played games and puzzles .

Marina knew a lot of jokes and children books by heart . She knew how to entertain kids ; we liked her a lot!Parents took many pictures and everyone looked so happy and joyful . It was a great day to remember! That night, when I was going to sleep, my Mom came to give me ” A Good Night Kiss ” and to check my temperature, as I didn’t feel well in the morning. – ” How do you feel? ” . She put thermometer under my arm. – ” Good. ” – I said and she saw the sadness in my eyes.

-” What happened? Did anyone hurt you? ” – my Mom asked me softly. – ” No! ” – I replied. -” So, what’s wrong! “- Mom wouldn’t retreat. – “Today I wanted to say my wish, but no one was listening to me and now it will never come true! – I said and my voice trembled.

-” Oh, Baby, I see! But don’t cry. You need to know something else about Wishes, it doesn’t matter how many people heard you, you can say it to your friends, to me or to yourself, and it don’t have to be uttered, you can whisper or say it in your head. “- my Mom calmed me. -” Really? “- I asked her. -” Truly! “-she replied. She took out the thermometer and said that I had a fever.

-” Thank you, Mommy! good night! ” -” Sweet dreams, Baby! ” Next morning I woke up early from a very unusual noise. I looked ut of the window of my bedroom and saw my brother Sasha playing with 5 small and a very adorable white fluffy balls, they were puppies, that we had been expected from our dog Chara. They were whimpering and wiggling. I Nozdrina 4 Really wanted to go out and join them, but I couldn’t because I had a fever. So my brother brought them inside.

We spent hours and hours playing with him. I’ve never been so happy in my life! After one month we had to give the puppies away. I knew one girl down the street, who was very ill, so I decided to bring her a puppy to cheer her up.We kept one puppy, because we were especially attached to it. We didn’t name him before, so now was the time to do that. This took us a while. We changed it a couple times: Ray, Snow White, Logan, Pogo, Many, PJ. Last word was my Mom’s, because she was the one who had to wake up every morning at 4 a.

m. thanks mostly to him, good thing that he was so cute. He needed to go out so he started barking and pulling off the blanket. First couple times he urinated on the floor, even though he was trained not to do so, but that was a sign – he was the new Boss. Since then that was his name … Boss!This story impacted my life at that time in the small way and as I got older and more mature I realized that our hopes, dreams, and wishes are the doorway to our soul. There are a lot of things I keep to myself, and there are also things I share with certain people, it depends on my dream, because it could be very personal.

My dreams are my own whether or not I share them and whether or not they come true they are a part of me. “Dreams are more real than reality itself, they are closer to the self “- Gao Xinglijian. “Life is short, be a dreamer! “- said Hugh Hefner.