A heart attacks, in fact in some

A Sound that is unwanted or disrupts one’s quality of life is called as noise. When there is a lot of noise in the environment, it is termed as noise pollution. Noise pollution is a disturbing voice that may cause irritation and may harm the activity of human balance or animal life here are some ways it could harm animals because when humans cut down trees birds imitate the sound of the chainsaws because it is very often in forests they also imitate car alarms. Recent research shows that road traffic and aircraft noise increase the risk of high blood pressure, especially noise exposure at night. Another large study looked at aircraft exposure over a much longer time of 15 years could lead to death from heart attacks increased when sound was louder than the human is used to. Humans should be around sound no more than 10 decibels because if they stay around that for more than 24 hours let’s say a plane ride that could lead to heart attacks strokes and more.  Economically the society would start losing money if factories don’t cut down trees for wood in fact they wouldn’t have money to even feed their children but that would help the society because there wouldn’t be more noise pollution and people wouldn’t have as much strokes and heart attacks, in fact in some countries it is illegal to cut down trees in forests they could be fined a penalty up to one thousand dollars.  In some countries citizens who live there are required to have a decibel meter because of the increase of reports due to too much sound or its too loud in the neighborhood, and if they still make too much sound they will be fined as well.  If there is too much sound in an animal’s habitat it could cause them to leave due to irritation and they don’t come back for up to 10 years and that could affect the country because when there are no animals that means that there wouldn’t be any food and humans would start dying.  Do you ever wonder why whales and other animals that use echolocation wash up on the shore well. when boats, submarines, ships, survey vessels make sounds over 100 decibels it affects the marine life for example whales they mess up their own sound waves and that means they cant catch their food anymore.  All humans should be concerned about making too much sound because it affects the community and even the country so they should think before doing what they want to do not only because they can affect they citizens but they could be fined.