A added that he was alone and

man wakes up at a sofa bed which he doesn’t recognize. He couldn’t remember
almost everything, only his name and a few significant memories stayed. He
couldn’t recall how and why he got here. He panics for a few seconds realizing
how much trouble he is in. He starts looking around. It was gloomy and dreadful
in a way. It seems very familiar. Too familiar. Why? How? He stood up and tried
the doors. Locked. Moments passed, he looked around, only to discover he was in
some sort of living room. There were steps coming from one of the doors.
*creak* The door slowly opened, revealing a stranger. The man quickly
approached the stranger. Asked more questions faster than the stranger can
respond. The stranger refused to answer his questions. Half a minute has passed,
the man settled down. They sat in opposite chairs and exchanged names. Vincente
immediately told him that Hector was safe. Hector furiously asked him who or
what he was safe from. Unfortunately for him, Vincente was also clueless. After
a moment of silence, Vincente began telling him of what he experienced. (flashback?
starts) He recalled there was a loud banging coming from the door. This
happened while he was having supper. He was frightened. He slowly walked up to
the door and peeked only to find a man lying dead on his front door. DEAD,
that’s what he assumed until he checked Hector’s pulse. He was worried sick. He
then brought Hector in. He examined him, but there seemed to be no injuries. He
gave up searching for what caused him to be in such state. (flashback? ends) Vincente
told Hector he was cautious not to call the police as to he will be a suspect
if they were to find the guilty. He added that he was alone and usually bored.
He prolonged for something interesting. Anything, may it be weird or repetitive
or unusual. After Vincente has finished, Hector was annoyed, he didn’t need to
know those things. Everything felt wrong to him. He was flooded with doubt yet
he couldn’t find a reason not to believe what he said. He asked Vincente to
leave him alone for a moment of privacy. Vincente gladly accepted. Vincente
seemed nice yet he didn’t know him very much so he knows he couldn’t trust that
stranger. His intuition told him to leave the house since something felt wrong.
He taught escaping would be the best idea. He tried the door that Vincente came
out. LOCKED. He tried the windows. BOLTED. The window was too small for him to break
out so he was hopeless. He began looking for places to escape. He gave up. Not
knowing what to do he cried for help, hoping someone outside might hear him.
Vincente heard him, rushed to the room and asked him to stop shouting. He
shouted at Vincente to let him out. Vincente then told him he will let him out
if he wanted to. Vincente did not know that he was impatiently waiting to be
free since he only left him for a moment of privacy. Vincente calmly unlocked
the door and showed him the way out. It felt cold and empty standing on the
front door. It was quarter to one. The streets made it feel so lonely. Vincente
gave his remarks and shook Hector’s hand. Hector realized there was some type
of liquid in his hand. He was annoyed and this caused him to be distracted to
notice Vincente pulled an injection from his pocket. Unfortunately, Vincente
had tranquilizing liquid and injected him in the neck. Hector felt dizzy and
slowly fell into sleep. He wakes up in a sofa bed which he didn’t recognize. He
couldn’t remember almost everything, only his name and a few significant
memories stayed. He couldn’t recall how and why he got here.