A Person That Has Influenced My Life Essay

The person that has influenced my life is my dad because he is the one that get to know me best and is also the one that I see the most and have known for a long time. He always stands by my side, and whenever I fall down, he encourages me to stand up by myself and on my own feet. My family is not a wealthy family. Therefore, my dad tries to save single penny he earns from work to buy anything that I need, and he always encourages me go to school because he knows that the value of education will determine the future of the person.

As a result, I admire him as a great person and have thought that my dad is really superman. My dad has a huge impact on the way I become a person today. He has influenced my life by teaching me the lessons and showing me the right behaviors and wrong behaviors. My dad taught me the most important lesson: how to be a real person. I still remembered the day that my father sat next to me and said that “Hey my dear daughter, the most important think to help you become the successful person and the helpful person is your honesty.

Never lie to anyone and never lie to yourself”. After saying that, he slowly explained the value of honesty. He showed me that every bad situation in the world began with a lie. When a person steals something, he lies to the law, or when a husband cheats on his wife, he lies to his wife. My father often tells me that being a real person means facing the truth. I always think back on those words when I get into trouble. From my place I am thankful for everything he taught me.

He taught me things that I need or was going to in life. I am what I am because of him and whatever I will achieve in my life will be credited to him. I believe that my dad will always be with me even after his soul leaves his body; he will be there through his teachings . He will be there through me; when the people see my remarkable success one day, they will know the value of his teachings.