A Reflection of the Year That Was Essay

A Reflection of the Year That Was            Life has allowed me to view things differently. The situations that I was indulged in allowed me to learn more about myself, and eventually help me view life in a more positive note.            As I was about to enter this new phase in life, I expected things to be more simple. Similar to high school, I felt that everything would just run smoothly.

The teachers would become more lenient towards us, and it would be easy to pass subjects even without having to worry about anything. However, the instances that followed after were not how I expected them to be.Early on this year, I found myself having difficulty in school. I was exposed to a new environment that was far different from what I was usually accustomed to. I could still remember the first day I set foot in this institution. My mind was filled with so many plans that would last for the next couple of years.

Finally, I was getting closer to my dreams and aspirations. However, each step towards the classrooms was not something to be taken for granted. I remember how others stared at me – I guess this was because I was someone new in their sight.

I know that certain thoughts and emotions ran through their brain, but I tried to shrug it off each day.            Student life was not as easy as it seems. I remember feeling down each day as I struggled to fit in. Adapting to a new culture was not something easy, for there were certain things to be considered as well.

I know that at some point, I lacked the confidence deemed from students my age, and I was hiding behind my shell, unable to show my true potentials.            I know that I was still adjusting to the new kind of life I have indulged myself into. I remember spending more time with my school work than trying to mingle with people. This also helped me with my academic standing, for I was able to improve on the areas that I was not proficient with.            Through hard work and dedication, I was able to pass the first year in a new environment.

I learned how I could use my imperfections to strengthen my personality and imperfections in life. I used to just accept everything that came my way, but then I realized that hard work and dedication should always be taken seriously.            Other than that, I also learned the importance of focus and hard work. Accomplishing a given task would be impossible for people who lacked focus and hard work. This is a common denominator among people, who would just decide to discontinue the task upon experiencing something heartbreaking.            Certain instances also allowed me to be persevering in everything that I do. I learned that it is not just about how hard working an individual may be.

Perseverance also counts, for there are certain instances wherein I am being crushed and disheartened to continue. However, I never lacked the spirit to find the needed inspiration to go on further. My unstoppable quest for knowledge and success became my ultimate inspiration to go on and move further with my life.            As I look back on the year that was, I could not help but wonder how far I have accomplished. I became proud of myself, for I was able to overcome the simple obstacles that have come my way. I never allowed myself to be deranged by anyone, anything, or even the circumstances around me.

I became a stronger individual, who was ready to face anything. I was no longer the naïve person who lacked the confidence and the perseverance to become someone in life.Instead, I became a stronger individual had clear plans in life. I no longer needed the continuous advice of my elders, instructing me on what to do. I was determined to become someone and that nothing in the world could ever break us apart.

I guess that is how life goes – we experience happiness and heartaches and eventually end as better people ready to inspire others.