A Short (narrative Type) Essay

This most unfortunate coincidence really infuriated me. I went up to my room and slammed the door and with my face stuck to the pillow I began to cry like a baby. Before I continue let me introduce myself.

My name is Daniel, I am 12 years old, and am extremely intelligent and active. I study as an amazing 7th grader in the School for SUCCeSS. My mother’s name is Maria and my fathers name is Ken. I have a younger brother who studies in the same school I do, his name is Max. In my entire family the only truth is that not everyone can be as perfect as me.

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Sometimes I get irritated because the rest of my family takes a long time to understand my super genius brain. You might think am over exaggerating UT the truth is I’m being quite modest actually. Any way since my little brother and my parents are going to Dubbed next month I’ll have to think of something quick. I thought a million times about running away from home.

I have discussed my idea with my friend Anal. Told him we could “scavenge for food and sleep in the park” and roam around all day “without having to go to school”.We could live “a life of adventure”. Just to make this quote more vivid, my eyes gleamed with excitement. Don’t know why but it didn’t quite work out. Anal told me that he and his family are going for a holiday too, so there is o way I was running away from home alone. When dad came home from work today he told me that was not staying back home but had to go to my uncle’s and aunt’s place!! Now what could be worse?? I would do anything to trade places with Max. First of all my uncle lives in a remote village so no T.

V. , no Wi-If, no Friends, and what not.This is going to be the worst holiday of my life I exclaimed!! I really thought that nothing was fair in this world. “l hate my family, I hate my aunt, hate my uncle, I hate my brother, I hate my life, I hate chicken roast, I HATE EVERYTHING!!!! ” I SCREAMED AT THE TOP OF MY VOICE. I guess I shouldn’t have said that because the way screamed I think my whole neighborhood heard it! But what I really regret saying that because today mom promised to make chicken roast so you can blame me if you got the smell of eggplant during lunchtime.Max and I hate eggplant more than anything in this world, but now thanks to this ill-planned, messed up trip I have a dozen more things to add to my hate list. Do you think God exists?? Well I have proof that the answer is negative.

Last night I prayed for half an hour that an extra ticket would appear under my bed so I could go to Dubbed tit my family; now you know why I was cranky this morning. Told my mom about my wish and its results, and then my mom told me it was not about the tickets but that there were only 787 seats on the plane and they were all occupied.I’d like to talk to the genius who designed that plane and made only 787 seats!! When I grow up and become famous and rich am going to design a plane with 788 seats so that unlucky children like me don’t have to suffer because of some stupid holiday!! Well today’s the day Vive been dreading. Today my family is leaving me and going to Dubbed. Instead of leaving me back t home have to go to my uncle’s house (which already mentioned).

My family saw me off at the bus station. I got onto the worst possible designed bus in the world, which was running on the worst road ever built, to suffer the worst holiday ever planned!!I sulkily tried enjoying my bus ride but it was a little hard because this bus practically shook and rattled every bone in your body! Suddenly my eyes fell on a poster stuck on the wall of the bone rattling bus. The poster was noticeably old, but it had the words “Be a ROMAN WHEN THOU ART IN ROME! ” clearly written (If you don’t understand it, great because t was all Greek to me too). Took out my phone and searched for the meaning of these words. (The result was pretty long); But these words changed my life just like a slow roller-coaster moving up suddenly drops at face-ripping speed. An example of Variable motion which got me one mark for last year’s finals) For the first time I began to actually enjoy my weird trip. I noticed a pretty cool guy with earplugs and started a conversation with him.

He said that his name was Alex. (His real name was Alexander or Alex for short)He was amazingly imitating people’s voices and we found a useful way to use his talent. Prank calling! We had a blast listening to people’s annoyed voices repeated by this guy. When my stop was close we exchanged numbers and said bye.I don’t know why I wanted to impress this guy so badly that I tried jumping off the moving bus.

Bad idea. Fell so bad that I made a complete fool out of myself. (l hope no one saw it). When got down from the bus I had a very shocking surprise. Mom, Dad and the ever annoying Max were there waiting for me. At first, I was confused and thought maybe I had fallen too badly.

Yeah probably the fall had affected my memory, because forgot that it was my birthday!!! Just couldn’t believe it I had forgotten my birth date.