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A PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a board used to electrically connect and mechanically support components using pads, conductive tracks and many other features incised from sheets of copper laminated onto non-conductive substrates. There are many types of PCBs like single sided, double sided or multilayer PCB.Printed Circuit Board Assembly(or PCBA) is the core of Electronics manufacturing Services bring around by East India Technologies and the main reason behind our success. We use the latest technology of Surface Mount Assembly to achieve a high-level turnout and concede for the intricate and demanding PCB Assemblies. As Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) is the keystone of all major electronics. These astonishing inventions enforced nearly to all computational devices from digital clocks to large appliances.Our engineers are rigorously working for your products are assembled with care and concern for perfection.PCB design ? PCB + components + soldering + Visual check & function test = PCBAHIGH VOLUME:100+  PROTOTYPE:1 TO 100 NUMBERSApplications:Medical Devices:MonitorsScanning TechnologyControl Systems Internal DevicesScientific InstrumentationConsumer Electronics:Mobile DevicesComputer ElectronicsRecording DevicesEntertainment SystemsHome AppliancesIndustrial Applications:Industrial EquipmentMeasuring EquipmentPower EquipmentAutomotive Applications:Surrounding MonitorsControl SystemsNavigation DevicesAudio and Video DevicesAerospace Applications:Monitoring EquipmentTesting EquipmentLighting Applications:The Telecommunications IndustryThe Automotive IndustryThe Computer Technology IndustryThe Medical IndustryResidential and Storefront ApplicationsOther Applications:Firearm ApplicationsMarine ApplicationsSecurity ApplicationsBroadcasting and Telecommunications ApplicationsADDED VALUE-We are equipped with;- ICT Teradyne,- Martin BGA rework machine, – B/Dual wave soldering machine,- FUJI NXT chip shooter and IC Placer next generation- With dry chamber, environmental chamber and burn in testing.Value Proposition-East India Technologies major strength is flexibility of product (able to easily makechanges in the product) or flexibility of volume (able to easily absorb large shifts in demand).We are able to have flexible capacity, the ability to operatemanufacturing equipment at different production rates by varying staffing levels and operatinghours, or starting and stopping at will.