A being destroyed. AND represent that one statement

A bit is
the little amount of data in the computer. Bits have a single binary value, 0
or 1. Computers typically provide to control and manipulate bits, but are typically
designed to store data and to access bit numerous instructions is called bytes.
Boolean operators are simple words (AND, OR, XOR & NOT) join which joins or
excludes search terms in belonging search productive results. Avoid
inappropriate strokes and save time and effort. It must be scanned before being
destroyed. AND represent that one statement is true and other is false. OR represent
any one statement is correct. In XOR only one statement is true. NOT represent
we will give input then give to contrast output. A Device which give us an output
when we give input. It is called Gates. A group of circuit is known as Flip
Flop. For the purpose of storing data, a computer covers a large group of circuits
(such as flip-flops), each skilled of storing a single bit.  This reservoir is called the machine’s main
memory. A computer’s, Main memory organize in controllable units. This unit is
called Cell. Every cell consists of 8 bits and 8 bits equal to one byte. In a computer
there is no left and right. Bits place in a row. The left side of this row is
called high order end and the other end is low order end.  

categorize specific cells in a computer’s main memory, each cell is allocated a
unique “name” is called address. In computer’s main memory is organized as
specific, addressable cells, the cells can be recover independently as needed.
To show the capability to access cells in any way, a computer’s main memory its
known Random Access Memory (RAM). Due to the decreasing limitation of store
data in computer and volatility of data, mostly in computers have additional
memory device. This is called Mass storage. A spinning disk is magnetic coated.
It is used to read and write data, is called Magnetic disk. Another class of
mass storage systems applies visual technology. An example is the Compact Disk (CD).
Information is recorded on them by creating variations in their reflective
surfaces. This information can then be retrieved by means of a laser beam that
detects irregularities on the reflective surface of the CD as it spin. A Flash
drive is an ultra-portable device. It is very small and dissimilar an optical
or conventional hard drive. This device is the combination of USB device and
cable. Data store in the form of group as large unit. It is called File. The
technique which is used to data transferring and storing. It is reduce the size
of data. It is called Data Compression. The code not only detects the mistake
but also correct the mistake, its known Error Correcting Code.              

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