A Summary of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World Essay

New World, exemplifies the outcome of a totalitarianism government if science were to control society.

Due to science and technology, it has the power to create life. If the society is constructed on a Utopian basis ‘the nature of society [would be] composed of freely co- operating individuals devoted to the pursuit of sanity. ” However, Huxley presents a dystrophy world that is governed by science and technology, which allows individuals to be susceptible to insanity.As well as destroying it, science and technology have negatively impacted life. “[The Sciences] can do nothing to modify the natural forms and expressions of life itself. ” Although the sciences are not tampering the natural forms Of creation, they are altering the flaws of genetics to create a perfect strain of characteristics.

Those individuals living in such a civilization will have a predetermined fate.Thus, scientists have perfected the “problem of happiness…. [being that] the love of servitude cannot possibly come into existence. ” Consequently, if one is governed by complete force, they will never appreciate what they are doing nor gain any satisfaction from doing so.

Ultimately, the repercussions of a totalitarianism government, created by science, perfects all of society imperfections which naturally makes it inhumanness.