A Summary of My Orlando Trip on Last New Year Essay

I had never felt so exciting in my life. I had spent 4 days and 3 nights in Orlando. The members for travelling consisted of 4 international friends who I had met in the church.

More exciting thing is that I had driven my car for myself for a long time. This is the first time to travel another area with international friends using my car. I felt a little bit exciting and a little bit nervous because my driving history is very short. My trip to Orlando had begun with a half of expectation and a half of worry.

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January 2, 2008, 3 PM, we had left for Orlando.However, I was worrying about losing the way to Orlando. So, I borrowed GPS navigator from my friend (he required a good lunch for reward. ) and I believed that it had helped me.

I had taken on the highway following a guide of navigator. But I felt my car had gone to wrong way. That way did not coincide with the way that saw in Google map. Even though I had to be in highway, I was taking local way.

I felt horrible because it had become dark. After we strayed away for a long time, we determined to ask somebody about our way. As we had thought, we lost the way. Oh, my god.

We lost three hours of our golden holidays. After I turned off GPS navigator, I took the highway which the one told us. When we found out our inn, our emotions were in overdrive with delight. As soon as we entered our room, we went to bed due to extreme exhaustion. On the second day of our travel, we visited Magic Kingdom of Disney World. Even though Disney World consists of 4 theme parks, i.

e. Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, MGM Center, and Epcot Center, we wanted to select only one theme park to concentrate on one place. We really enjoyed some roller coasters, parades, shows, and fireworks.However, I thought that Magic Kingdom is suitable for children rather than adults. I needed more adventuresome things. On the third day, we visited the Universal Studio and Universal Islands of Adventure. All of us were satisfied with many adventuresome roller coasters and attractions. Especially, I liked Mummy and Shrek 4D movie.

I have never seen high-tech attractions like those in my life. I was surprised at brilliant and elaborate machines and backgrounds. On the final day, after agonizing for minutes, we determined to visit Daytona with beautiful beach. We expected a lot of people on the beach and beautiful sunshine.However, we could not find out anyone against our expectation because of cold weather. At first we were disappointed, but we enjoyed our own spaces without any interruption.

After that we visited the Auto Racing Daytona International Speedway. I had never seen so fast car in my life. It was really fantastic experience. My Orlando trip finished with ultimate joy and happiness. I believe that we made very nice memory in U.

S. Probably the trip make the people refresh. After travelling, I could have concentrated on my work.

I’ll not forget my Orlando trip. To fatigued friends and people, I’d like to recommend Orlando trip.