A Summary on Courage Essay

“All of our dreams can come true, but only if we have the courage to pursue all of them. ” -Walt Disney About two years ago my good friend named josh graduated high school. This may not seem like a big accomplishment, but to him it was. He said “graduating high school changed my life. It gave me multiple options on what I would like to do in life. And I recommend to stay in school”. After school it was his dream to fight for our country, so he enrolled into the military. He is now a man of courage because he risk his life every day to protect ours.

It all started to get hard for him when he entered high school. He was making some dumb decisions that people shouldn’t make. And not doing what he was supposed to do. He didn’t care about anything like his grades and his friends or anything really. He only wanted to be cool and fit in with everybody else, but in school you don’t need to care what people think! After a few years of high school, he got more mature. When he turned six-teen he mom and dad surprised him with a truck. They made him promise that he would make all A’s and B’s on his next report card and if not he would not get to keep his truck.

So he got to work, he worked really hard all year long to keep his truck . and that year he worked so hard he earned all his credits he needed in high school, and met his goal to graduate. As the years went on he decided on what he wanted to do. He wanted to fight for his country, so he enrolled into the military. The military accepted his application and he went off to the military leaving his girl friend. He was not even scared, not even at all. So he started to train for war and whatever else. And he met a guy named “Mitch”. Him and Mitch turned out to be best friends and hung out every day.

After them having a ball together, they got a notice saying “you’re going to war”. There smiles turned into frowns because they were scared. They thought they would never ever see each other again. Both Mitch and Josh made a promise that they would return safely. And they were both shipped out to war. He definitely has courage. He was in the war and fought his part for our country. Josh was wounded in his right shoulder by a piece of scrap metal during his time in the war. And when he came back from war he wasn’t thinking about anything else but Mitch.

And he couldn’t find him anywhere. He was so worried because he thought he was dead. Then went to the medic cause his shoulder was hurting and he sat down in the chair and he looked over and seen Mitch he was so happy and talked to him forever. Before he was stationed back home they got each other’s number and kept in touch. So Josh met his dream on fighting for his country and graduating high school. And all these things that I just listed last paragraph you need to have courage for. “All of our dreams can come true, but only if we have the courage to pursue them all! ”-Walt Disney