A solver, manager, and researcher. If I want

     A leader is someone who listens well,
effectively motivates, and provides a team with thoughtful vision and direction.
A leader is one who leads by example and empowers their followers. A leader
deeply understands the needs of the people they lead and thoughtfully considers
their actions and the impact on their followers. Leadership is a privilege and
an honor, but it is also a tremendous responsibility. I believe that the
foundation of effective leadership is personal integrity. My actions will serve
as an example for others and will be based upon honesty, respect and fairness. I
treat people fairly and with respect. I trust the members of my team to make
sound, ethical decisions and I am here to guide and support them.

     I am committed to my students and staff
and they are at the focus of all things. Student success and welfare is most
important, without the students there would be no school.

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     My school will be a place where students
can learn, where teachers can teach, and where everyone is committed to excellence.
The parents, teachers, students, staff, the community and administrators are all
stakeholders of the school and must work together to improve the school.

     My mission as an administrator is to insure that each student
at my school has access to and receives a quality education. This is not
something that I can do by myself. I believe that all stakeholders have to work
together as a team for student’s success to occur. 

     I am responsible for the operation and the
improvements of my school. I need to be a leader, decision maker/problem
solver, manager, and researcher. If I want my school to be successful, I must
point it in the direction it needs to go and keep it on the right path. My
staff, students, and parents must believe in my ability to accomplish the
school’s mission and must share the mission.

have my staff believe in my abilities, I must first be an ethical leader. I
believe in leadership that is morally and legally sound and that respects the
individuality and self-worth of each individual. I must lead by example and
never rest on my reputation. I need to demonstrate to my team members that I am
committed to the school’s mission. I need to be a role model. I need to do the
right thing all the time.

     To inspire my staff to share my vision for
the school and make it their vision, I must be a motivational leader. I need to
spread my enthusiasm and positive attitude to each of my team members. I must
be visible and accessible. Communication is a must within the school so that
everyone knows what is happening. I need to listen. I need to encourage my team
members to set personal and professional goals and challenge them to grow. I
need to make them feel that all of us together comprise the team. The school
will only win if the team wins.

     To keep my school moving forward, I must
be an instructional leader. I am committed to excellence in curriculum and instruction.
All instructional programs need to be quality programs. Programs need to be
evaluated regularly by all involved and changes made where necessary. In a time
of scarce resources, we need to weed out those programs that are ineffective
and promote success. Professional development will be given high priority. I
will encourage teachers to continue learning and growing so they can be models
and leaders for their students.

     Overall, I need to be a humanistic leader.
People will only perform to the best of their abilities if they know you
believe in them and care about them. The team defines the school. Without
people, school is only a group of buildings. It is the staff and students
that give life to the school. To care about the school and its mission is to
care about the people who comprise the school.

     Leading successful change and improvement
involves developing and managing several critical components of schooling
including developing a clear, strong, and collectively held educational vision
and institutional mission; as an effective school leader I will encourage and
support the development of a collaborative school culture, with clear
educational missions and processes, structures, and resources that allow
educational change to flourish.