Question:Should censorship be controlled or limited? Ang, Peng Hwa, and Berlinda Nadarajan. “Censorship and the Internet: a Singapore perspective.” Communications of the ACM 39.6 (1996): 72-78.Doctor and researcher Peng Hwa and Berlinda Nadarajan talk about technologies and censorship having an impact with important information that is secretly hidden.Which Singapore are having new technologies to develop while having censorship be taken in place so it will be controlled by the government.Which mostly it talks about internet censorship, which the new study it shows how they are using technologies with losing any advantages of censoring the internet to the people.

A. Sarat, ed., The Blackwell Companion to Law and Society (Malden, MA: Basil Blackwell) pp. 369-391,(2004)Commodity Culture, Private Censorship, Branded Environments, and Global Trade Politics: Intellectual Property as a Topic of Law and Society Research it talks about how different individual people coming together shape communication that will contribute something good to the public.Which will make the public have a good effect in being part of the society and be able to share part of the economy. Blades, Lawrence E.

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“Employment at will vs. individual freedom: On limiting the abusive exercise of employer power.” Columbia Law Review 67.8 (1967): 1404-1435.Pushiled by Columbia Law Review which it talks about how we are unable to show individual freedom because the government are preventing from us to have it. Also how we taken advantage of and our power decreases when the government come in the way of our rights and freedom.We can’t fight back because if we give up we are losing since we will lose more safety of our lives in the government has since they have more power that control us.  Brad Kent “Censorship and Immorality:Bernard Shaw’s The Devil’s Disciple”Modern Drama Winter 2011,Vol.

54,No.4, pp.511-533This talks about how it focuses on the banned works that are from different individuals.Also by having persuasive works will attract authorities to understand censor-avoiding and censor-baiting skills.

It shows how showing what we are want to get out there to the audience is better doing a play since the upper people always have ways to spy on us.In a way, it’s the only way we as individual people can send messages to others.Demac, Donna A.

, and Walter Karp. “Liberty denied: The current rise of censorship in America.” (1990). Researchers Demac and Walter, talks about the patterns that the government,courts,private groups,and individuals are parts of different kinds of censorship which makes the government have more power than the rest of them since they are able to put things be open or hidden away form the others.Which challenges the other people try to fight for what they think is better for them from the censoring.  Holt, Tom, et al. “Political radicalization on the Internet: Extremist content, government control, and the power of victim and jihad videos.” Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict 8.

2 (2015): 107-120.School Criminal Justice,John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Psychology Department it talks about how uploading videos could shows powerful individuals which could lead to others follow them and also taken action which could lead to an violent action.Having different various of videos makes the government the action to have the internet control for the audience. Jardin, Xeni. “Future Web Exporting Censorship.” Index on Censorship 36.

4 (2007): 88-88.Author,Journalist and co-editor Jardin,Xeni,he talks about the experienced he went with censorship he says that the blog he wrote were censor is some places around the world because he knows freedom of speech are limited in some parts of the countries that those people are unable to see speeches because the government don’t let them.Also how many people aren’t able to reach a certain site because of internet censorship.Also having free ideas,speeches and information are the countries goal to make sure they are censor from certain countries.     Karlin, Josh, Stephanie Forrest, and Jennifer Rexford. “Nation-state routing: Censorship, wiretapping, and BGP.

” arXiv preprint arXiv:0903.3218 (2009).Authors and researchers from University of New Mexico, Santa Fe Institute and Princeton University,it talks about national policies of the ISP to common a checkup on the internet.If the government of different countries uses ISP checkups it would lead to significant outcome of censorship.

Many rely on China and Great Britain which they are known for traffic censoring so if they started to do checkups it could lead to many not being able to reach a site that they want to see that are from a different part of the world.It could have impact with the people since they the ones mostly use to internet to go into different sites.Lee, Chin-Chuan. “Press self-censorship and political transition in Hong Kong.” Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics 3.2 (1998): 55-73.Author Lee,Chin-Chuan, it talks about having self-censorship in the press to avoid pressure and have references that won’t go against China.Journalists are the ones who are the most afraid to share information that aren’t to suppose go out in public so they have to be careful to do so in order to not upset China.

Lockhart, William B., and Robert C. McClure. “Censorship of Obscenity: The Developing Constitutional Standards.

” Minn. L. Rev. 45 (1960): 5.Author,Lockhart,William B.

,it talks about how there has to be precautions and protection when it comes to talking about sex.Not will it only aim certain people but it will “validity of censorship will depend upon” those audiences.The government wants to remove those site because they believed in bring back the social importance and protecting “Morris, Stephen. “Political correctness.” Journal of political Economy 109.2 (2001): 231-265.Author from Yale University,is about identity preference how someone made think that their identity are safe but it’s a lie because having you private information be shared could lead to ruin someone’s reputation.They don’t have any information being shared because they don’t want any ideas or unbiased Advice to be shared to be that impact the future.

Peltz, Richard J. “Censorship Tsunami Spares College Media: To Protect Free Expression on Public Campuses, Lessons from the College Hazelwood Case.” Tenn. L. Rev. 68 (2000): 481.Author Peltz,Richard J.

, it talks about how since the outcome of journalists,students in college that are becoming journalists are starting be the government watch dogs since they are unaware of what they publishing which could make it easier for the government to see what they are doing.But the students also are able to accessed official and secret information which makes the government their target.Rojas, Hernando, Dhavan V. Shah, and Ronald J. Faber. “For the good of others: Censorship and the third-person effect.” International Journal of Public Opinion Research 8.2 (1996): 163-186.

Author and Journalist,Rojas,Hernando it talks about many individuals decides to share information in the media which makes the government be behind in the media censorship.Being unaware of sharing things that aren’t supposed to be share could lead to many site be restricted from them which could lead to many people not being able to reach that place.Many that are part of the media censorship are media in general,violence on t.

v and pornography which most people use and if it’s taken away many will against those who takes them away.Romero, Victor C. “Restricting Hate Speech against Private Figures: Lessons in Power-Based Censorship from Defamation Law.” Browser Download This Paper (2001).

Author and Researcher form Pennsylvania State University, Penn State Law,Romero,Victor C.,it says that people who do hate speeches should be hidden also it says white are enjoying the social roles different people and be able to have greater access to it than non whites.But it’s not good because many white supremacist should be censor than those who aren’t at all.  Shirky, Clay. “The political power of social media: Technology, the public sphere, and political change.” Foreign affairs (2011): 28-41.Author and Journalist,Shirky,Clay,it talks about the political impact that the social media making to protest about the government which in reality it’s about supporting the civil society and the public interest.

Which also have goals like making the government have internet as something that people could freely about having the government come in between because they only use the media to aim certain countries.Stevenson, Christopher. “Breaching the great firewall: China’s internet censorship and the quest for freedom of expression in a connected world.” BC Int’l & Comp. L.

Rev. 30 (2007): 531.Author Stevenson,Christopher,it talks about about certain companies like Microsoft remove sites lead the U.S and China to have a internet censorship.It shows how having censorship issues with other countries could lead into an bad outcome with the individuals.Soley, Lawrence. “Censorship Inc.

: the corporate threat to free speech in the United States.” (2002).Authors from Marquette University, talks about how free of speech is getting inferfere by governments and being spy on by them.Also the government powers has grown which makes the people want to take action and want to speak about the unfair rights being put onto them.

But also people have known that speaking out will have be lead into making government see them as threat since they want to go against them.Smaele, Hedwig De. “Limited access to information as a means of censorship in post-communist Russia.” Javnost-The Public 11.

2 (2004): 65-81.Researcher and lecturer Smaele,Hedwig De, it talks about journalists being part of governments censorship plan since they are ones to elected which information will be open to the public and which will be labeled as secret information.Also it explains ”describes the limited access to information in Russia as a form of highly effective censorship.”They peffer this kind of censorship because they not focusing on the individuals but mostly on the power of the country.

 Verkamp, John-Paul, and Minaxi Gupta. “Inferring Mechanics of Web Censorship Around the World.” FOCI (2012).Authors and researchers,School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University, it talks about having a big population be under censoring which could make other countries about the world be able to understand censorship.

Also by having different opertaton can lead to having censorship evison on future works which will depend on the government decisions, Wachs, Matthias, Martin Schanzenbach, and Christian Grothoff. “On the feasibility of a censorship resistant decentralized name system.” Foundations and Practice of Security (2014): 19-30.Authors and researchers from Technische Universität München München Germany it talks about secret services and different kinds of government can block access secret information from the public finding out and can spy on different communities that going around.Which could make it easier to have a certain information be inaccessible by just censoring it,but it could also be bad since people with high power could taken avagtange and hide any information they don’t people to find out about it because they don’t people to take any action.Xu, Xueyang, Z. Morley Mao, and J.

Alex Halderman. “Internet censorship in China: Where does the filtering occur?.” International Conference on Passive and Active Network Measurement. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2011.Authors and Researchers from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering University of Michigan Ann Arbor USA it talks about how different filters internet traffic which makes it easier to know what people are doing which could make an easier to track bad people and making sure no important information are being shared that could have an negative effect in the government and in the civilians.